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-Arceus (Normal)
Nature: Adamant
Item: Silk Scarf
EVs: HP 252, Att 252, Speed 6
-Swords Dance
-Shadow Claw

Nature: Modest
EVs: Sp Att 252, Sp Def 92, Speed 164
-Calm Mind
-Shadow Ball
-Aura Sphere

Nature: Timid
Item: Adamant Orb
EVs: HP 6, Sp Att 252, Speed 252
-Draco Meteor
-Aura Sphere
-Dragon Pulse

Nature: Hasty
Item: Lustrous Orb
EVs: Att 80, Sp Att 252, Speed 176
-Spacial Rend
-Focus Punch
-Stone Edge

Nature: Adamant
Item: Leftovers
EVs: HP 252, Att 156, Sp def 92
-Stealth Rock

Nature: Hardy
Item: Leftovers
EVs: HP 6, Sp Att 252, Speed 252
-Aura Sphere
-Ice Beam
-Grass Knot
-Fire Blast

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That's Ubers ._.
yea, i'm new to this tiers stuff, thought for a while that uu = uber :P

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Ummm. Arumph! cough this could use some help...

XtremeKiller Arceus-
This guy is never a lead. He is usually for cleaning up the messes left over. (But once I did almost 6-0 a guy with it in the lead.) But other wise this is not a lead. Save him to take out the weakened pokemon at the end.

Good. Not much here except run this nature and EVs: 216 HP/ 56 Def/ 184 SpA/ 52 SpD and Bold nature. This will allow your CM and Sub to have a better effect.

Replace Adamant Orb with Life Orb and Overheat with Earth Power. And Giratina can switch into a predicted fighting type attack while both synergizing and getting a free switch in.

Ok. Too many dragons! Replae him instead with Lugia. And use this set.

Lugia @ Leftovers
252 HP/ 176 Def/ 80 SpD
Dragon Tail

Roost to heal, Dragon Tail to prevent you from becoming taunt bait. Sub well because it is a sub on Lugia. And Toxic cause it is a great status move.

Does not fit on this team. Instead get a lead pokemon on your team. use Forretress.

Forretress @ Shed Shell
252 HP/ 176 Def/ 80 SpD
Stealth Rock
Rapid Spin

Usual set up Tress. Nothing to say.

What is with Hardy nature??? Use Timid instead. And give him Life orb over Leftovers. Change out Grass Knot with Psystrike because Ice Beam and Aura Sphere will hit everything Grass Knot does.

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