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Kyogre @ choice specs
Nature: modest
Evs: 252spatk 252speed 4hp
Moves: water spout, ice beam, thunder, hpground
Ability: drizzle
Why: to set up rain. Also a choice specs waterspout hurts. The ice beam and hpground are to deal with potential threats and thunder is to take advantake of the rain.

Arcius @ splashplate
Nature: calm
Evs: 252hp 252spdef 4def
Moves: judgement, recover, toxic, thunder
Ability: mulyitype
Why: its judgement becomes water and also its powered up by rain. It has thunder just because of the rain. The tocic and recover combo is ment to give it a defensive element. Its ev spread is ment to turn it into a bulky watertype

Shedinja @ expertbelt
Nature: jolly
Evs: 252spd 252atk 4spdef
Moves: wilowisp, swordsdance, suckerpunch, exsizzor
Ability: wonderguard
Why: shedinja's set of immunities is good for the team in general but shedinja's 1hp does kinda suck I'll admit but it's like my favorite poke and its a good uber cuz entry hazards aren't TOO much of a problem. It knows wilowisp just because basically and swords dance to boost atk while behind a sub passed to it by mew. I decided on suckerpunch cuz of the extra power and exsizzor for stab.

Mew @ leftovers
Nature: timid
Evs: 252spd 252hp 4spatck
Moves: sub, agility, batonpass, psyshock
Ability: synchronize
Why: to batton pass speed boosts and substitites to what needs them

Fortress @ leftovers
Nature: bold
Evs: 252 hp 252def 4 spdef
Moves: spikes, stealthrock, voltswitch, rapidspin
Ability: sturdy
Why: its a fortress come on

Palkia @ lefrovers
Nature: adament
Evs 252atk 252spd 4 def
Moves:waterfall, dragonclaw, raindance, earthquake
Ability: preasure
Why: its a pretty decent physical attacker and can take abvantage of the rain.

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Remove Shedinja!!!! Giratina is much better and can take many Stealth Rocks, utilize Will-O-Wisp, and give out more damage! And Mix palkia is fine, but all physical is not very good. Why Arceus Splash? Why not XtremeKiller, or Grass, or Gound?

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