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Ru is totally new too me so I dont know what to expect.

Spiritomb @ leftovers
Nature: impish
Evs: 252hp 192def 64spdef
Moves: wilowisp, painsplit, shadowsneak, suckerpunch
Ability: preasure
Why: with this spread it can take quite a few hits on the special and physical side. Also my team is built around spiritomb because it is my favorite ghost type. Its slow so some priority is good and it can crypal physical attakers that roselia and claffable have a hard time with.

Roselia @ evolite
Nature: calm
Evs: 252hp 252spdef 4 def
Moves: gigadrain, synthesis, spikes, sludgebomb
Ability: natural cure
Why: with the evolite, its spdef is well over 400 so it makes a good specialy defensive poke to have on the team. Its spikes will stay up with spiritomb spinblocking for her.

Clefable @ leftovers
Nature: modest
Evs: 252hp 252spatk 4spdef
Moves: thunderbolt, icebeam, wish, healbell
Ability: magicgaurd
Why: clefable is a good tank so ive read and ive used it in previouse gens and it did really well.

Alomomola @ leftovers
Nature: impish
Evs: 252hp 252def 4spdef
Moves: waterfall, toxic, protect, wish
Ability: regenerator
Why: just to be annoying

Escavalier @ choice band
Nature: adamant
Evs: 252spd 252atk 4hp
Moves: megahorn, airealace, ironhead, pursuite
Ability: um.....
Why: its beast

Typhlosion @ choicescarf
Nature: timid
Evs 252spatk 252spd 4 def
Moves: fire blast, hpgrass, focusblast, eruption
Ability: blaze
Why: revenge killer

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Because your Escavalier's fully offensive, go with Swarm for its ability.
I thought Alomomola was in NU. Is that right?
It is. So?
This team is for RU, NU is not RU, unless I'm missing something.

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