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Dragonite- Leftovers
Trait- Multiscale
Evs- 252 Atk./ 4 SpD/ 252 Speed/
°Dragon Dance
°Fire Punch
°Extreme Speed
~After a DragonDance boost this guy woop ass. Outrage is stab and fire punch melt steel pokes like Magnezone. Extreme Speed is the best priority move for this guy.

Garchomp- Choice Band
Trait- Rough Skin
Evs- 252 Atk./ 4 Def/ 252 Speed/
°Brick Break
°Dual Chop
~My hard hitter on this team. Comes in and destroy eveything that get in his past.

Latios- Life Orb
Trait- Levitate
Evs- 252 SpAtk./ 4 SpD/ 252 Speed/
°Calm Mind
°Dragon Pulse
~Not much to say here, standard calm mind set

Kingdra- Leftovers
Trait- Swift Swim
Evs- 136 Atk./ 136 SpAtk./ 236 Speed/
°Dragon Dance
°Draco Meteor
~My mix attacker and rain counter. Mostly rain team runs ice beam so this guy can take it neutral and start kicking ass as it speed is +2 under rain obviously.

Kyurem(Black) - Choice Scarf
Trait- Teravolt
Evs- 252 Atk./ 4 Def/ 252 Speed/
°Dragon Claw
°Fushion Bolt
°Freeze Shock
~My first time trying out Kyurem-B. Not much to say about himjust hope he's useful in this team.

Salamence- Lum Berry
Trait- Moxie
Evs- 252 Atk./ 4 Def/ 252 Speed/
°Dragon Dance
~Equipped with the Lum berry, Dragon Dance is to start sweeping and Outrage anything that get in my past. Roost is to keep this young fellah healthy.

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btw I think you got Latios and Latias confused. That is the standard Latias set, Latios normally uses all out offence with chocie specs. I made that mistake before and payed for it.
Tbh, I find the Psyshock, Draco Meteor, Recover and Something set :D [Latias]
Freeze Shock = horrible move. Any move that needs to charge is not worth while (and Choice Scarf is useless for that kind of move as well).

Use Ice Beam instead. It'll do more damage over 2 turns than Freeze Shock does.

Additionally, since you're using Ubers, use Dialga. All Dragons are weak to Dragon moves except Dialga, so it would give your team some needed support from other Dragon types.
thanks marzipan
dis isn't ubers oO, and freeze shock is gud with power herb :CCCC
Yeah this isn't ubers Marzipan :D
This team is illegal. The following are Limited to two per team: Dragonite, Garchomp, Hydreigon, Kyurem, Salamence. So you have 4 of these members  which are against the monotype rules. You will have to change the members if you want to use this.

Look here for all the monotype rules: http://pokemon-online.eu/forums/showthread.php?4296-Monotype-Tier-Rules

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