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Hi! thank you for reading! Well, you'll see, I'm making this demi-SandStorm OU Team, in a more defensive way (I like It that way) but I have some serious issues: The excesive weakness to Ice and Grass Types, and the Lack of Offensive Power. Anyway, these members have a good synergy between them, but I think that the movesets could be better. Here is the Team!

Hippowdon @Soft Sand (Don't know what to use in here)
Ability: Sand Stream
EV: 252Hp, 252Def, 4Spdef
Moveset: Roar, Slack Off, Stealth Rock, Earthquake

Bronzong @Fire Weakening Berry
Ability: Levitate
EV:252Hp, 80Def, 176Spdef
Moveset:Gyro Ball, Toxic, Earthquake, Gravity (?)

Suicune @Leftovers
Moveset:Calm Mind, Scald, Sleep Talk, Rest.

Landorus @Choice Scarf
Ability:Sand Force
Nature: Naive
EV:252Atk, 252Speed, 4Spatk
Moveset: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Hidden Power Ice, U-Turn

Hydreigon @Expert Belt
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Rash
EV:252Spatk, 252Speed, 4Atk
Moveset: Superpower, Dark Pulse, Draco Meteor, Fire Blast

Jolteon @Choice Specs/Air Balloon
Ability:Volt Absorb
EV:252Spatk, 252Speed, 4Spdef
Moveset:Volt Switch, Thunderbolt, Hidden Power Ice, Signal Beam

No matter how I play with this team, I can't Win. I will really apreciate your help! What's wrong? What can I do to improve this time?
Thank You for your time!

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Leftovers for Hippowdown?
Leftovers it's being used by Suicune, and I can´t repeat holding Items...It sucks,I know. I was thinking to Run Bronzong as a Gravity Support in extreme cases, when my enemy abuses of flying type and levitate trait...this also makes posible the use of Hypnosis on Bronzong and Stone Edge on Thundurus.

Anyway, the problem of the team it's still there: The weakneses against Ice,Grass and Water, and the lack of speed and killing power.
You may have noticed this isn't a formal forum. Please pay attention to whether you are answering or commenting, and I know they are easy to mix up but your post should have been a comment, not an answer ;)
thanks for the tip! :)
Maybe Swampert it's a good choice? He can run Stealth Rock and Roar, including Ice Beam and EQ for a offensive instance...or Maybe a Gastrodon? The Storm Drain might be sooo handy!
Hey I'm new too. It's great but I see a potential problem with rotom w and electric resistant water types in general ,especially those with ice type coverage (only bronzong is neutral to the like. The rest fall to this groups ice electric and ground moves. Water/grounds like gastrodon can work for this, or you could hp grass over hp ice on jolteon or run ferrothorn over bronzong. All I can say is find what works for you
Here's an idea: give hippowdon the leftovers, and replace suicune with heatran. That should also help against ice and grass types a bit.

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