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one day I was playing pokemon showdown and suddenly I used ludicolo in a rain team with leech seed rain dish leftovers and giga drain I was gaining so much hp no one could beat him. someday later I maid a rain stall team but I couldn't defeat other weather teams so I also made a normal stall team that works good or even better.

Skarmory @ leftovers
Ability: sturdy
evs: 252 hp 252 def 4 sdef
nature: impish
stealth rocks
whirl wind

Well the point of this guy is to set up entry hazards and shuffle the deck if a setup sweeper is in my way.

Blissey @ leftovers
Ability: natural cure
evs: 252 hp 252 sdef 4 def
nature: calm
heal bell

Blissey is my special wall tanking any special move you throw at her as she sets up a wish and/or heal bell

Forretress @ leftovers
Ability: sturdy
evs: 252 hp 252 def 4 atk
nature: impish
bug bite
rapid spin
toxic spikes

this guy needs a lot of help because I don't want to poison everything I may want to paralyze some of them but I do need a rapid spinner so I would love some suggestions for him or even replace him

Kyurem @ leftovers
Ability: pressure
evs: 104 hp 252 def 152 sdef
nature: calm
dragon tail

he is actually really good he can put on damage while ether switching the opponents pokemon or lowering their speed (I will not switch glaciate)

Ferrothorn @ leftovers
Ability: iron barbs
evs: 252 hp 8 def 248 sdef
nature: impish
leech seed
thunder wave
power whip

he can set up leech seed and t-wave people using protect and power whip when needed

Gliscor @ toxic orb
Ability: poison heal
evs: 252 hp 4 def 252 sdef
nature: careful

classic gliscor toxic for slow death roost to heal taunt to stop setups and protect for toxic death for the opponent and life for me

please help me with my team I really want a replacement for forretress here.

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Fire. This one word destroys you. Give Gliscor Toxic Orb and Counter isn't really good on Blissey. Volt Switch on Forre, and if you want to replace it, go with Vaporeon, Heal Bell and Scald would really help this team.
Counter would have more merit on Eviolite Chansey, but it's still a risk. Yea, Volt Switch > Bug Bite for Forretress.

Put Heatran on your team. Tormentran might not be common these days but it's still pretty annoying. Also able to take fire hits.
it was a mistake to put leftovers on gliscor editing now
when I say I want a replacement on fort I mean another rapid spinner

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