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This is a rain team I made mainly because I got bored and I wanted to have a uu post for a change. I feel like its not quite full yet. But I'll see what you think.


Life wasn't easy for him growing up. His mother captured a gloomy, looking trainer bearing many dark types like herself. His father, a gyarados, was forced to raise him alone. He was a misfit, scrawny and mistreated. Like his father, he enjoyed dancing, but, deep down, he always knew he wasn't cut out for it. He was laid back, careful, and reserved. Dancers need to be energetic and straightforward. He needed to find a new passion. So, he started working out...


Scrafty leftovers
Nature: careful
Ability: shed skin
Evs: 252 hp 4 atk 252 sp def
Bulk up
Drain punch

The standard bulk up set, Scrafty's weight lifting turned this scrawny weakling into a bulky hard hitter. By flexing those muscles he boosts both his attack and defense. He can then proceed to pummel those guys who made fun of him in middle school with his STABs. Even the best let themselves recover after a good workout, so after going hard scrafty rests, but with shed skin he makes sure he doesn't rest to long
It had been a long day working, and I had just returned from an agonizingly long commute from castelia city. I sat down in the old worm out recliner, which despite its years of service remained comfortable, and turned on the tv. Static, followed by a quick fist to the screen. Then it returned to what at least appeared normal. However, something wasn't right. A speedy flash of lightning shot from the screen...


Rotom choice scarf
Nature: timid
Ability: levitate
Evs: 4 hp 252 sp atk 252 spd
Thunderbolt/volt switch
Shadow ball
Hp ice

The little lightning bolt comes to the uu scene without one of its fancy machines, only a little scarf around its nonexistent neck. With that scarf he becomes a blazing little electronics monster.It bears its STAB, and a little hidden power that provides good coverage. Why Rotom you ask? Covers all of Scrafty's weaknesses and vice versa. Makes an interesting little core.
It had been a long time since he got promoted. He worked hard, gave it his all, and now he was at the top of the top. He got to play with the big boys now. He was among the best, whose power was the stuff of legends. But he wasn't himself anymore. He changed. He had let himself become an animal. It was time for him to get back to his roots...


Tornadus damp rock
Nature: timid
Ability: prankster
Evs: 252 sp atk 4 sp def 252 spd
Rain dance
Focus blast

The genie's here to make it rain on them foes. That's his main purpose. He also makes the grass and the fighting types cry for their mommies with hurricane. Focus blast provides good coverage, hitting those rocks and steels. Taunt is for set up opportunities and for opposing taunters.
A film crew, experienced and ambitious, commenced the project. It was about the life of the tropical sea. Their were multiple odd creatures in that shining blue water, among them a cameraman, whose film was being directly transmitted to the boat above him. A Lanturn playfully swam by in the company of graceful Tentacool. Clampearl and shellder were shown residing on the ocean floor, with a Mantine gliding in the distance. Then, without warning or provocation, they all fled. The shot then went out of focus, then black. The camera man was nowhere to be found. The filming crew were in shock. They rewinded the footage. They noticed that there was a brief flash prior to end of the footage. They paused it, and immediately, they all recognized that blue silhouette.


Kingdra life orb
Nature: timid
Ability: swift swim
Evs: 4 hp 252 sp atk 252 spd
Hydro pump
Draco meteor
Dragon pulse
Rain dance

The rain monster, in all his seahorsey glory. Hydro pump is the op stab that brings fear into all of the team's enemies. Dragon pulse is the weather neutral, stat changeless stab, providing nearly perfect coverage (tell empoleon to go away). Draco meteor is for emergencies only. Timid nature is used to outspeed other kingdras in rain. The only thing scarier than a kingdra in rain is ANOTHER kingdra in rain.
He's literally just a bell. He doesn't have a back story. I don't know maybe he was a toy bell and a child's wish brought him to life. Lets go with that why not.


Bronzong leftovers
Nature: relaxed
Ability: levitate
Evs: 252 hp 4 atk 252 def
Stealth rock
Rain dance
Gyro ball

Some support is need around here, as is a hail handler, and this is him. Not only does he set up rocks but he can make it rain and toxic opposing walls.Gyro ball is a pretty darn good stab, plus it wrecks most hail pokemon.
It was her first day of life. The sun shone brightly above them, her and a charismatic man with a smile on his face. He spoke, in a powerful, soft tone. "Welcome to the world little buddy. You can call me Steven". The bond was immediate, and strong. She wished to be with him forever, but he knew it couldn't be. He knew that she was exceptional, with outstanding potential in all aspects, and that he was unable to provide the worthy care. He was not that trainer. Then one day at Silph Co., that trainer appeared, a child who would allow her to reach her full power.


Swampert choice band
Nature: adamant
Ability: torrent
Evs: 212hp 252 atk 44 speed
Ice punch
Stone edge

This is the immediate powerhouse, who can destroy without setup, a needed feature around here. As this is a rain team, waterfall is the primary stab. Earthquake makes a good secondary stab, that most importantly is weather neutral. Ice punch is the grass switch ins, and stone edge completes the edge quake combo.
Well that's it. A rain team in UU that ill admit doesn't quite feel complete But I'll see what you guys think. I had some cool fanart to go with this, but the links weren't working. Oh well.

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No Thunder on Rotom?
Modest on Kingdra.
I didn't want rotom to be rain dependent, but the options always there. And kingdras timid to gain tge advantage over other kingdra in rain. I ran some calcs and didn't lose too many notable ko's (if you know any I would please tell me)

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