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Hai, welcome to this UU RMT. Any tips, advice, suggestions, and/or threats to this team i may have not caught would be appreciated to be informed of. Peaking as high (so far) as 1786 on Main, it's been a pretty successful team, although not the bulkiest thing around. Forgeting dearly about Hazard support, this team relies on sheer power, Choice items, boosting moves, and did i mention sheer power?

Anyways, this team was meant to be quite problematic to the current UU metagame. Screwing over threats/walls before they can move, this team's objective is to set themselves up for the kill, or go in for the kill (and sometimes to just do damage, but that doesn't sound cool >.>). Anyways, this team easily deals damage in any form, though it really cant take one in return, thus why i present to you this Hyper Offense UU team.

Replay Section:




http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/uu-20027011 -(Dumb Substitute play, ik >.>)



The team & the process of building:


Well, this team started off with some genius (obvious sarcasm) idea of mine to try out many sets of some pokemons that i've used before and that i really liked using. And it all started at first with Zapdos. One of my favorite OU leads ever has been Thundurus-T, and Volt Switch Raikou was appealing to me, but wasn't enough, and Zapdos boasted a higher SAtk stat, thus meaning more KO's. Plus, the fact that it can come in on deadly Banded EQ from Flygon's and such, it started the team off with a desperately needed ground immunity. Then, came Sharpedo. I love the usual Protect + LO Sharky, so i started off with that. After a few battles, i noticed that i needed to hit hard while not killing myself off after i've been hit by priority. So i opted for a Substitute + Muscle Band set, boosting my attack stat slightly, and giving me a form of protection from status and moves to finish me off. However, even though Substitute was fulfilling its role, Muscle Band was not. So i went on a hunt for an item to work. So i thought of the typical SubSalac combo (which is useless on a Speed Boost Sharpedo), and altered it to SubLiechi. After just 2 battles, i fell in love with this Sharpedo set, and brought many KO's when the opponent thinks i wouldn't be able to OHKO. Bam, here comes Liechi berry to finish them off, as well as the rest of the team. I then noticed i had quite the electric weakness, and the mighty Virizion provided enough bulk, plus the ability to take on pokemons the other 2 disliked, such as Scrafty and Snorlax. Not really sure with what i wanted, i went for a Work Up set, allowing me to abuse Giga Drain for some necessary form of recovery & hit Gligar harder, and opted for coverage moves in the physical side of this guy. Noticing that i would still be raped by things such as Fake Out & Extremespeed pokemons, i went with a set that Mike once used on me. SubPunch Dusknoir. Not only does this guy easily pick off unsuspecting opponents, it carries a Priority move of its own, allowing to finish off weakened foes, or things such as Victini, who has spammed V-Create a bit too much. Also hits Umbreon and Snorlax extremely hard, and shows them no mercy. I then realized that i was quite weak to Victini and Fire types in general. Sharpedo wasn't gonna cut it, since it's more frail than a torn piece of wet paper that is next in line to be cut into even tinier pieces by a samurai. So i went with an old friend... Flash Fire Arcanine. I didn't want LO, as i wanted some survivabilty. And i didn't want Morning sun either. So i experimented and came up with a solution: Gen 3 Howl set, with the help of Gen 5 moves. Howl while the opponent switches out, expecting something else, kill the wall that stands in my way/howl up some more, and THEN kill the wall that stands in my way, as well as any others. Then, i finished this team off with a Scarfed pokemon; Meloetta. This beauty outspeed Scarfed Heracross, and all variants of Crobat that aren't scarfed. However, speed wasn't everything, as i was weak to the likes of Sucker Punch, so i went for a final TrickScarf set, and usually destroying stuff like Spinmontop, Snorlax, and other slow friends that this girl hates. And that is the story of how this team came to be, and how it's so successful...

Movesets in answer area. Damn 8000 character limit always loves to troll me, so im abusing of the space i have with what i want :3

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...where is the damn sets??!! Get to work peasant! lol jk but tbh I don't like HO in UU. UU is all about the stall, while switching to offence when need be. But I guess 1700+ rating proves me wrong ;/
I know you haven't given us the sets yet, but how do you deal with Swift Swim Kingdra in the rain? From my own experiences with HO UU those things can absolutely wreak a team.
Virizion. Kingdra cant really KO with an Ice Beam, and usually, it cant KO Zapdos either. And Rain will only last 5 turns. If 8, then Kingdra is assured to not KO the 2 "counters" i have for it.
Plus, Priority kills Kingdra pretty quickly.
UU IS as a matter of fact, all about stall. And have you noticed how terrible stall does against opposing stall? thus why HO was prefered. :3
Nice team and pun xD

Do you want me to edit sprites into the answer? I would be happy to. Seems pretty plain currently.
That would be great. Im on an ipod, so it's quite problematic adding sprites >.>

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enter image description hereContinued here!enter image description here

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The Team: a more in-depth version.

enter image description here
Virizion @ Leftovers
Trait: Justified
EVs: 76 Atk / 180 SAtk / 252 Spd
Hasty Nature
- Work Up
- Giga Drain
- Sacred Sword
- Stone Edge

Well, after successfully using a Physical Swords Dance set previously in OU, i was wanting to use Virizion again, but this time in his own tier. I was decisive about making it a physical set, but seeing that physical walls pretty much rule half of UU, i opted for a mixed set with some Work Up support. Work Up lets me boost both stats, and pretty much begin taking out threats. Giga Drain stops quite a lot of things, such as Swampert, Rhyperior, and Suicune, and brings in a generous amount of much needed recovery, as Leftovers can only do so much. Then, i went all physical from there. Sacred Sword > Close Combat for Bulk Up and Curse boosters such as Umbreon, Scrafty, and Snorlax. At +1, they usually won't survive, unless they have over 80% of their health. Not what i was really hoping for, but this guy doesn't dissapoint. It can just go back the next turn and KO, thanks to decent bulk and a godly 108 base Spd stat. Finally, we have Stone Edge, which lets me hit crap like Fire types and Frosslass. Quite the amazing forest guardian of UU (screw you Celebi).

enter image description here
Zapdos @ Choice Specs
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 80 HP / 252 SAtk / 176 Spd
Modest Nature
- Heat Wave
- Volt Switch
- Thunderbolt
- Hidden Power [Ice]

Never have i seen a scarier threat in UU, and i wouldn't like to either. Fulfilling a pseudo BoltBeam combo, only Rotom-H is safe from this terror. Heat Wave serves as a useful coverage move that lets me deal heavy damage to dumb Ferroseeds in UU, and take Registeel out as soon as possible, while still hitting Shaymin, Roserade, and Herracross for great amounts of damage. Volt Switch is just a great STAB move, allowing me to scout against walls and slow pokes, while allowing me to maintain some momentum. Thunderbolt, however, is the main STAB of this set, pretty much serving out over 70% of damage to anything that has not invested in SDef EVs. Backed by Specs, it just racks a lot of KO's from stuff such as Crobat, Suicune, Tornadus, and Blastoise (needs prior damage). Lastly, HP Ice allows me to hit Flygon, who's a threat, while still a nice move to have, hitting Ground types for great damage. And who said Thundurus-T was only in OU?

enter image description here
Sharpedo @ Liechi Berry
Trait: Speed Boost
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature
- Substitute
- Crunch
- Earthquake
- Waterfall

Say Hello to an experiment of mine. Substitute is the crux of this set, allowing me to avoid status, providing shelter, and getting me my Speed Boosts. Crunch is usually my main STAB, allowing me to utterly destroy things such as Psychic types, grass types, and Water types. EQ is really here for only one threat, which will ALWAYS pose a problem in UU as long as it remains there... Raikou. Other than that, Crunch and Waterfall are my main moves. It let's me hit pretty much everything for decent damage, and screw up such Rain dance teams, as well as anything which does not resist. And ofc, Liechi Berry Sharky will remain stronf as long as i stay clear from priority.

enter image description here
Dusknoir @ Leftovers
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
Adamant Nature
- Substitute
- Focus Punch
- Ice Punch
- Shadow Sneak

Ok, so i want to give thanks to Mike for showing me this set (idc if he made this set or not, he introduced me to it xD). Anyways, the logic behind this is quite simple. Set up a Substitute and pick between your 3 moves to attack with. Focus Punch is pretty much your most reliable move on this set, allowing you to hit pretty much anything with it that your other moves can't. Picks off Umbreon and Snorlax quite well. Ice Punch screws over Flygon and Roserade, as well as Crobat, Zapdos, and Gligar. Finally, Shadow Sneak picks off threats such as Chandelure, Azelf, and weakned/V-Create Vitini's with some ease, as well as screwing over Azumarill slowly, but surely.

enter image description here
Arcanine @ Leftovers
Trait: Flash Fire
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
Adamant Nature
- Howl
- Flare Blitz
- Wild Charge
- ExtremeSpeed

Hop on the memory lane, cause this set will take you back to Gen 3. Barkanine, updated with a Physical STAB move and a reliable coverage move. Howl gets everything started, allowing me to boost my attack to Band levels, or possibly even higher. Flare Blitz is just devastating, litterally leaving anything who is unresistant in pain, and a lot of it too. You want to switch in to Blastoise to sponge the attack? LOLNOPE! Wild Charge is here, dealing out great amounts to Blastoise once im at +1. +2 or higher, screw yo Blastoise. And last, but not least, we have ESpeed, which let's me finish off foes faster than me, such as Mienshao, or just kill off weakened foes when i can risk losing HP due to recoil. This doggy's bark is as mean as its bite ;)

enter image description here
Meloetta @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Serene Grace
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature
- Trick
- Shadow Ball
- Focus Blast
- Psychic

Needed a scarfer. Guess i'm too used to playing OU, where it's a must to carry one. Anyways, Trick a scarf unto a Sucker Puncher or wall, and you make the opponent pretty much have a useless pokemon at their command. Shadow Ball + Focus Miss perform the infamous GhostFight combo, hitting everything for neutral damage or better. And the set is finished off by a nice strong STAB Psychic, pretty much dealing amazing damage to the reciever of such power.

And that is all, ladies & gentlemen & nubs, hope you enjoyed this team as much as i do.

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Ofc Benjanub is a Florist druglord Shaymin.
But Flare is also a nub :P
I love the team Lenub. Plus I removed the upvote on the answer x)

Hope you don't mind me trying out some of those sets, they look pretty damn sexy.
Lol, go for it Mr.K
I have to admit some of these sets are quite sexy :3
Sharpy is awesome.
Lol, glad you like it Mike :3