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Megalo Cannon made two things usable. Grass got some nice boosts in powerful cards and Stage 1 Fossils are now much easier to bring out. This deck makes use of both gains with Cradily. And with Cradily, I seek to use an alternate form of Damage Swap.

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Pokemon: 17

x3 Lileep: http://serebii.net/card/megalocannon/003.shtml
-Needed for evolution.
x2 Cradily: http://serebii.net/card/megalocannon/004.shtml
-Brings out the Stage 2s in my deck.
x3 Reuniculus: http://serebii.net/card/blackwhite/057.shtml
-Damage Swap ability is a key component of this deck. Mostly will keep it on my bench, protected by Mr. Mime.
x3 Gardevoir: http://serebii.net/card/shinycollection/010.shtml
-Move eleven counters onto Gardevoir and then launch Eternal Bright. I have less damage and my opponent now has more.
x2 Mr. Mime: http://serebii.net/card/plasmafreeze/047.shtml
-Protects my bench, mainly Reuniculus.
x2 Sigilyph: http://serebii.net/card/dragonsexalted/052.shtml
-Deals with EX cards.
x2 Giratina EX: http://serebii.net/card/dragonsexalted/092.shtml
-Basic heavy hitter with 180 HP, a three for 90, and a four for 130. Discard might make me get lucky and discard Lileep. It's a possibility.

Trainers: 29

x4 Skyla: http://serebii.net/card/boundariescrossed/134.shtml
-Gets back Trainers.
x4 Pokemon Catcher: http://serebii.net/card/emergingpowers/095.shtml
-Just an amazing card.
x4 Max Potion: http://serebii.net/card/emergingpowers/094.shtml
x3 Root Fossil Lileep: http://serebii.net/card/megalocannon/065.shtml
-Gets Lileep.
x4 Professor Juniper: http://serebii.net/card/blackwhite/101.shtml
x3 Silver Mirror: http://serebii.net/card/megalocannon/069.shtml
-Allows my Pokemon to easily deal with EX cards.
x2 Escape Rope: http://serebii.net/card/plasmastorm/120.shtml
-When played correctly, a Switch and a Catcher rolled into one.
x2 Superior Energy Retrieval: http://serebii.net/card/plasmafreeze/103.shtml
-Gets back Energy.
x2 Pokemon Communication: http://serebii.net/card/blackwhite/099.shtml
Gets me the Pokemon I need.
x1 Computer Search: http://serebii.net/card/boundariescrossed/137.shtml
-Gets me the card I need.

Energy: 14

x6 Psychic
x4 Grass
x4 Blend Energy GFPD: http://serebii.net/card/dragonsexalted/117.shtml

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