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First off, I want to thank anyone and everyone who rates my team. It means a lot and I am glad that there are people that are willing to help others.

The pokemon in my team are currently as follows: Gligar, Empoleon, Krookodile, Roserade,

First up, is my Physical wall, Gligar
Bruce Wayne (Gligar) @ Eviolite
Trait: Immunity
EVs: 172 HP / 84 Atk / 252 Def
Impish Nature
- Earthquake
- Roost
- Toxic
- Knock Off
Gligar is an amazing physical wall, taking the plethora of Fire and Fighting moves with ease. I like running Knock Off on a Pokemon like this to rid opponents of their items like Choice Scarves or leftovers. Although, Toxic or Knockoff is subject to change for U-Turn, which gives me more momentum.

Next, Gligar's perfect complement, Empoleon
The Penguin (Empoleon) @ Leftovers
Trait: Torrent
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SDef / 4 SAtk
Calm Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Scald
- Ice Beam
- Roar
"Empoleon has great synergy with Gligar. Not only does Empoleon's excellent Special Defense complement Gligar's great physical Defense, but their types cover the other's weaknesses perfectly. Empoleon can easily switch into Ice- and Water-type attacks aimed at Gligar, while Gligar can switch into Ground-, Fighting-, and Electric-type attacks aimed at Empoleon" Smogon
I really do like Empoleon. Its special defense is great, but it is still able do do some fair damage when it needs to. I almost always need Roar on a team to get rid of pokemon that set up subs and stat boosts. Stealth Rocks are always good too.

Now, we have the Thug himself, Krookodile
Killer Croc(Krookodile) @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Moxie
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 SDef
Jolly Nature
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge
- Superpower
- Pursuit
No team is complete without a Choice Scarf user, and Krookodile fits the bill. He out speeds every Pokemon in the tier if they are un-boosted, so he is a great revenge killer. With Moxie, he gets his attack raised to continue his devastation. I guess there are other Scarf-users in the tier that are better than Krookodile, but he always finds ways to get a switch in to Electric and Psychic moves. I could use a pokemon like Mienshao or Herracros to fill this spot, but I really like what Krookodile can do.

Now another Choice user, Roserade
Poison Ivy (Roserade) @ Choice Specs
Trait: Natural Cure
EVs: 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
Modest Nature
- Leaf Storm
- Sludge Bomb
- Rest
- Sleep Powder
I absolutely LOVE Choice Specs Roserade. I almost always lead off with her, and always net an easy OHKO on a potential Stealth Rocks user. People always assume that its a defensive set, but they are caught off guard when they get blasted with a Leaf Storm. With the Natural Cure ability, Roserade can use rest, then switch out and be cured of its sleep. This thing is a threat, as I hardly see Pokemon that will want to switch into a Leaf Storm.

Now the speedy but powerfull Sub/Calm Mind abuser, Raikou
Raikou @ Leftovers
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 SDef
Timid Nature
- Thunderbolt
- Substitute
- Calm Mind
- Hidden Power [Ice]
I couldnt come up with a witty Batman-related nickname for Raikou, but nonetheless, it is still a monster. It can set up its Sub quickly, and go for some calm minds to raise its Special Attack to really high levels. I like to run the Shiny form because, for anyone who knows, the gift shiny had a rash nature with unique moves like Extreemespeed and Aura Sphere. That isnt my set though, and it might throw someone off. aikou provides increased offensive pressure and the fear of a set-up sweep to those who want to set up entry hazards.

The last team-member is a little odd, comming all the way from NU, Miltank!
Miltank (F) @ Leftovers
Trait: Thick Fat
EVs: 156 Def / 252 HP / 4 Atk / 96 SDef
Careful Nature
- Body Slam
- Heal Bell
- Milk Drink
- Curse
Miltank is here for two reasons. Thick Fat and Heal Bell. Thick fat gives Miltank a resistance to Fire and Ice types, both of which the rest of the team is weak to. heal bell is there to cure my team of status ailments, as a burn on Krookodile or anything on Raikou is very detrimental.

I hope you like my team! here is what is missing
1. Rapid Spinner
2. Fire Type...
3. Ghost type, spinblocker
4. Annoy-er/status inflictor.
5. Wish user.

My team has nothing for a Sub Calm Mind Zapdos, and Chandelure is a big problem too, because the only thing to take a hit is Miltank, who cant hit back because of Chandelure's Ghost typing.

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Give Miltank Scrappy, add full EV investment in HP and Sp. Def. Miltank can wall the heck out of anything once Curse is set up.
Thick Fat is vastly superior to Scrappy to deal with Fire. I would consider Toxic over Body Slam to hit Ghosts. If you still want a attacking move, Seismic Toss is a viable option since it have more consistent damage.
That just means Miltank is 100% susceptible to Taunt.
And I would just replace Empoleon with Blaistoise. Fire counter, Rapid Spinner, phaser all in one.
Um, why is Roserade Spec'd and has Rest? Give her Life Orb and Giga Drain instead.
I like the idea of using toxic and Seismic Toss on Miltank, and keeping Thick Fat.
The reason I have Empoleon instead of Blastoise is that he synergises perfectly with Gligar, and his steel typing is amazing for taking a potential toxic. Although Blastoise is a spinner, I can still phase with Roar and none of my team is terribly weak to rocks, and I can absorb Toxic Spikes (if ever seen) with Roserade.

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