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Bronzong @ leftovers
Calm nature 252hp 252spdef 4spatk
Psychic, flash cannon, stealth rocks, toxic
Levitate ability
It forms an amazing core with Quagsire because they only have 1 weakness and a huge amount of resistances and they resist each other's 1 weakness.

Mismagius @ life orb
Timid nature 252speed 252spatk 4hp
Shadowball, hp fighting, taunt, nasty plot
Levitate ability
It can stop set up in its tracks and set up on its own an start sweeping.

Togekiss @ leftovers
Adamant nature 252atk 64hp 192speed
Wish, protect, aerial ace, extreme speed
Hustle ability
It can scout with protect and wish pass a pretty nice wish of 163 points to its team mates. I like hustle togekiss cuz you never see them. Aerial ace is there cuzof it's pefect accuracy and it can his haracross' weaker defense and ohko it. The extreme speed is there for it's good accuracy and to make up for togekiss' low speed.

Arcanine (spelling?) @ choice band
Jolly nature 252atk 252speed 4 def
Ironhead, flareblitz, extremespeed, cruch
Flash fire ability
I was testing this team and I had a slite problem with dusclops so I decided to give this thing a move just to hit dusclops supereffectivly. Iron head is there cuz I really don't like wild charge and flareblitz togeather.

Harecross @ choice scarf
Adement nature 252atk 252speed 4hp
Megahorn, earthquake, shadow claw, close combat
Guts ability
Shadow claw isn't verry standard I know but its ment to kill 2 specific pokemon, mismagius and froslass. With the scarf it can revenge kill quite a lot. Um...I went with guts cuz being scarfed peopl try to paralyze it and the paralysis will activate guts and it can still do some damage even if it's slow.

Quagsire @ leftovers
Relaxed nature 252hp 252def 4atk
Earthquake, scald, recover, stockpile
Water absorbe ability
Quagsire is a good physical wall. The reason I didn't put swampert in instead is cuz it can't use recover. It can burn with scald and eq is just second stab. Stockpile makes this thing almost impossible to take down. Also its water absord makes it immune to water type moves so it can switch in on those for arcanine.

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You spelt Arcanine perfectly. :)
Nice team, BTW.
Well thanx brah.

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