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Blastoise Lv.100
Evs: Hp:90,attack:78,Defense:98,Sp. attack:78,Sp. defense:66,speed:98
Moves: hydro cannon, ice beam, toxic, flash cannon

Zapdos Lv.100
Item:zap plate
Evs: hp:89,attack:78,defense:98,sp. attack:67,sp. defense:98,speed:78
Moves: heat wave, thunder, protect, toxic

Meloetta Lv.100
Item:fist plate
Evs: hp:90,attack:77,defense:68,sp. attack:79,sp. defense:78, speed:116
moves: relic song, close combat, psychic, thunderbolt
Ability:serene grace

Raikou Lv.100
Item:zap plate
Evs: hp:90,attack:67,defense:88,sp. attack:67,sp. defense:77, speed:119
moves: thunderbolt, double-edge, thunder, body slam

Suicune Lv.100
Item:Icicle plate
Evs: hp:98, attack:76,defense:98,sp. attack:77, sp. defense:67,speed:92
moves: hydro pump, blizzard, double-edge, extrasensory

Rhyperior Lv.100
Item:Earth plate
Evs: hp:78,attack:88,defense:98,sp. attack:67,sp. defense:87,speed:90
moves: earth power, megahorn, stone edge earthquake
Ability:solid rock

If I should, I can replace the pokemon for a different one.

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Zapdos: Fine
Blastoise: FIne
Meloetta: Fire Type
Rhyperior: FIne
Suicune: Grass Type
Raiku: Dragon Type
Meloetta: fire type
Suicune: grass type
Raikou: dragon type
That makes no sense. What do you mean by that?
It means you got a grass weakness (three, one of the double). I also imagine marshtomp and quagsire having fun against you, and rhyperior does not have the special attacking ability for earth power. Try an elemental punch or rock blast.also, evs only really work in multiples of four. (100 evs has the same effect as 103). Also, why the plates? Life orb or choice specs/band boost all your attacks (with cost, of course). Basically, there's things that need some help.
All right the format before I throw up my head is spinning looking at it.
best advice I can give: if you are new to competitive battling, which it appears as such, go to Smogon and look at movesets for each pokemon you plan on using. You may learn a better role that one can fill, and also learn of a better strategy than just attacking blindly. Example, your Blastoise is on a UU team, but doesnt carry Rapid Spin? Your team isnt gonna last very long ib the UU Metagame, where Stealth Rock and Spikes/Toxic Spikes run rampant. Also no Heal Bell/Aromatherapy? Burns and Paralysis are gonna wreck your team. Just a tip.
done.  but  idk if any single answer can fix this. I mean, I could redi the entire team, but that kinda defeats the purpose.

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