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Ok so it’s been awhile since I’ve made a competitive Pokémon team but here goes nothing.

Item: Choice Band
Ability: Technician
Nature: Adamant
Move set:
1: U-turn
2: Bullet Punch
3: Superpower
4: Pursuit
(EV’s): 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD

This is your standard Choice Band Scizor. His main job is to scout with U-turn and keep offensive momentum on my side of the field. Bullet Punch is his main stab move, powered up by Choice Band and Technician, with priority letting him revenge kill. Superpower takes care of some of his main counters (i.e. Heatran, Magnezone, and Ferrothorn) expecting a Bullet Punch. Pursuit lets Scizor check some Pokémon that would be a threat to the rest of the team (i.e. Reuniclus, Starmie, and Slowbro).

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Item: Leftovers
Ability: Natural Cure
Nature: Timid
1: Hydro Pump
2: Thunder Bolt
3: Ice Beam
4: Rapid Spin
(EV’s): 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

Starmie has good type synergy with Scizor resisting the Fire-type attacks that plague him while also resisting the Dark-, Ghost-, Grass-, and Bug-type attacks that plague Starmie. Also the Rapid Spin support from Starmie helps Scizor use U-turn more effectively by keeping entry hazards off the field. Natural Cure is used so it can remove Toxic Spicks with out being crippled and leftovers is used over life orb to keep Starmie from losing to much heath from Tyranitars sand storm.

enter image description here
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Sand Streem
Nature: Carful / Sassy
1: Stealth Rock
2: Crunch
3: Pursuit
4: Superpower / Fire Blast
(EV’s): 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD

(Might replace with lead Tyranitar) Tyranitar has good type synergy with Scizor and main job is to set up Stealth Rock and Sand Storm for the team. Crunch is his main stab attack and Pursuit is used to trap any Pokémon that tries to flee (i.e. Magic Bounce Espeon). The last move comes down to Superpower and Fire Blast. Superpower can be used to get a more solid hit on several Pokemon (i.e. Heatran) while Fire Blast can be used to handle Forretress and Ferrothorn … I’ll probably go with Fire Blast since Starmie
And Jellicent can handle Heatran and I don’t really have a reliable check for Forretress or Ferrothorn.

enter image description here
Item: Leftovers / Life Orb
Ability: Magic Guard
Nature: Bold
1: Calm Mind
2: Recover
3: Psychic
4: Focus Blast
(EV’s): 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD

Reuniclus is kind of my “set up sweeper”. Reuniclus has good synergy with Tyranitar resisting its 4x weakness to fighting type attacks. Reuniclus can come in on the fighting type attacks aimed at Tyranitar and start to set up Calm Mind boosts. Recover gives Reuniclus some staying power so after it sets up it can heal off any damage. Psychic is Reuniclus main stab move and Focus Blast give it some extra coverage. Thanks to its ability Magic Guard it is not hurt by Tyranitars sand storm or by Life Orb recoil.

enter image description here
Item: Leftovers / Shed Shell
Ability: Sturdy
Nature: Impish
1: Roost
2: Spikes
3: Whirlwind
4: Brave Bird
(EV’s): 236 HP / 236 Def / 36 Spe

(Might replace with Standard Ferrothorn) Skarmory is my main Physical wall and can tank many common physical threats that try to set up on Scizor. Skarmory is also good at setting up Spikes which the rest of the team really appreciates. Roost is to keep Skarmory in tip top shape and Whirlwind is used to blow back any counters or rack up entry hazard damage. Brave Bird gives Skarmory a strong reliable stab move so that it won’t be complete taunt bait.

enter image description here
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Water Absorb
Nature: Calm
1: Scald
2: Recover
3: Will-O-Wisp
4: Shadow Ball / Ice Beam
(EV’s): 236 HP / 58 Def / 216 SpD

Ok last but not lest is Jellicent who has several jobs. First, and for most, it is my teams Rapid Spin blocker. Cause it would really suck to get all those entry hazards up and then have them be spun away. Second, it is my teams’ main Special wall and works well with Skarmory. It also helps relive my team of its double Fire type weakness from Skarmory and Scizor. Third, it helps ware down the opposing team by burning them with Scald or Will-O-Wisp which also increases my teams overall physical bulk. Recover is used to keep Jellicent in tip top shape while Shadow Ball is used for extra coverage. Ice Beam is always an option though to take care of dragon types more effectively.

Well I think thats it … let me know what you guys think or where I can improve on this team.

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Personally I love the team the choice of pokemon and the explanations to why you choose the movesets overall a very good team that can sweep or counter any possible threats.
You migth want to consider a Electric counter such as Thundurus or a Ground type to deal with your Electric weakness. I would replace Starmie since your team isn't perticulary weak to hazards anyway and it doesn't contribute synergy-wise since you already have Water and Psychic types.
thx :) @infernape 123 . . . My only concern with the team is that it has 3 guys that are weak to electric types (Jellicent, Skarmory, & Starmie) so maybe I’ll switch out Skarmory for Ferrothorn since they both do pretty much the same thing . . . Then again I can always use Tyranitar to tank the electric type attacks.
@flaf yea I noticed that too but I can’t switch out Starmie because Scizor needs the Rapid spin support in order to use U-turn effectively. I’m thinking about switch out Skarmory for Ferrothorn since they both do pretty much the same thing and Ferrothorn resists electric types. Or I was thinking Tyranitar would be my “electric” tank since it can counter most pokes that care electric type attacks.

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