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Please rate it, show me what I can improve and what I should fill my last pokemon slot with.
Note, I'm not finished making this team so movesets and EVs can be changed. I know some would need to breed for egg moves like leech seed and baton pass.

Milotic @ Levtovers
Ability: Marvel scale
Nature: Serious
EVs: Spd: 252/ Spa: 252/ Hp: 4
Rain Dance
Ice beam
Hydro pump
Recover/Aqua ring
Role: Special defensive wall, good type coverage, able to recover, rain used for Yveltal and Helioptile. Rain powers up STAB hydro pump.

Helioptile @ Magnet
Ability: Dry Skin
Nature: ??? (hopefully something that raises speed and lowers attack)
EVs: Spa: 252/ Sp: 204/ Spd: 50/
Volt switch
Parabolic charge/Surf
Focus blast
Role: Special sweeper, heals in milotic's rain, able to spam powerful thunder's in rain, surf to deal with ground and fire types, volt switch to get out of tough situations.

Yveltal @ Greisious Orb
Ability: Dark Aura
Nature: ???
EVs: ???
Dragon rush
Phantom force
Oblivion Wing
Role: Mixed attacker, able to spam STAB hurricane in Milotic's rain

Blaziken @ Focus sash/Blazikenite
Ability: Speed boost
Trait: Adamant
EVs: Atk: 252/ Sp: 252/ Def: 4
Sky uppercut
Flare blitz/Blaze kick
Brave bird/Reversal
Baton pass
Role: Sweeps, then baton passes to Ferrothorn

Ferrothorn @ Rocky helmet
Ability: Iron barbs
Nature: ???
EVs: Atk: 124/ Def: 252/ HP: 130
Ingrain/Leech seed
Power whip
Iron defense
Role: Physical wall, explodes when about to faint.

Extra slot, I'm not sure which pokemon should fill this. Any ideas? Thanks for reading, and please give feedback. Should I use aqua ring or recover on my Milotic, and should I use ingrain or leech seed on my Ferrothorn? And should I give blaziken b;azikenite and save the mega for the last slot or should I go ahead and mega it?

A dragon type would be good like Garchomps mega evolution.



stone edge

fire fang

or salamence


draco meteor/outrage/ dragon claw

hydro pump

fire blast
maybe for ur last slot u could have ur partner pokemon? (fenniken,froakie or chespin)
i would reccomend using chespin because chesnaught is a good for ur defense.
dont you mean heliolisk

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First thing I'm noticing about your team as a whole is that you want to revolve your team around Milotic's Rain Dance. That is not a bad thing but in order for your team to thrive while being "themed" is that it needs more of the required tools to do so, i.e. you need more Rain Dance users. The weather no longer stays forever, you only get it for 5 turns (8 if the user is holding Light Clay).
Now on to your team (apologies for the long intro)

Milotic looks good, maybe not the best nature but personally I would prefer a neutral nature over one that hinders a key stat. I would switch the Speed EVs for HP EVs. and combo that with Leftovers and Aqua Ring.

The nature you are looking for is Timid (+Spd - Atk). I personally like him, I do know others who disagree, but hey, not their team ;). I think with the right tools he could pull off the role you are looking for, sure maybe others can do better, but it's nice to see some diversity. (Rambling sorry)
I would change his EV spread to 252 SpA / 252 Spd / 4 HP and either Scarf him or give a Life Orb. The rain should balance out the Life Orb.

For him I would lean more on the Special Attacker side of the fence so you can get more out of Hurricane (It's a special attack and you are digging the rain). Nature for him I would say Modest (+SpA -Atk) and EV spread him 252 SpA and either 252 Spd or 252 HP, your choice. As far as his moves I would swap Dragon Rush and pick up Dark Pulse for a second STAB and drop Phantom Force for Rain Dance.

He is a good sweeper but due how common he is, he is very predictable. If you are planning to Baton Pass with him I would throw protect on him so you get a free Speed Boost to pass. I would pass the speed to someone who would abuse it a bit more than Ferrothorn though. I would pass it to Helioptile or Yveltal.

Ferrothorn is a killer wall, He tanks a hit while dealing damage with Iron Barbs and Rocky Helmet.
I would go with Leech Seed over Ingrain.

As for your final slot:
If you do want to go with the Rain Dance team then you would want to reserve this slot for one more Dancer. One of my Favorites lately (Along with many others lol) is Azumarill. It's tanky and it hits hard. Other options are Goodra, Jellicent, Jolteon, and Vaporeon.

All in all your team looks good, but it does need some work. Just find what you want to do and build around it. I hope this answer helps, and good luck with your team.

The spd ev on milotic was sp def not speed, sorry. Should I switch it to hp?
Personally I would. It's Base Sp Def is good enough to stand alone if combo'd with an investment in HP. Or you could split the SpA with the HP, you'll take more of a hit but you won't hit as hard. Or leave the SpA alone and fully invest in HP making her more of a Wall but you'll hit even less. Sorry if this isn't as straight of a answer. Trying to show you more options.
I'm going to invest in HP and sp attack and leave the extra 4 evs for speed. Shouldn't I use recover instead of aqua ring since I already have to take 1 turn for the rain dance and with the HP invest it will recover more HP?