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Im going back to black after playing soul silver so I'm making a super single battle subway team unova only

Haxorus (M) @ persim berry/dragon gem
EVs-4 hp/252 attack/252 speed
Nature - adamant
Ability- mold breaker
- dragon claw/ outrage
- rockslide
- earthquake
- dragon dance

Typical sweeper. I'm not sure wether i should go all out with outrage/ persim berry combo or be more cautious with dragon claw. He is a power house & will be my main sweeper.

Lilligant (F) @ big root
EVs- 252 hp/4 sp attack/252 speed
Nature timid
Ability- own tempo
- toxic
- leech seed
- giga drain
- protect

This is a staller i love. I have used a moveset similar to this before & when set up I know it will work. It has literally won for me when it was in a double battle against 2 Pokemon so if anyone wants to change this set you better have a good reason to do so.

Klinklang @ leftovers
EVs- 252 hp/4 attack/252 defence
Nature- impish
Ability- clear body
- toxic
- gear grind
- shift gear
- protect

If shift gear is the Japanese name I apologise. This is my physical wall/tank. I really like Klinklang so this is why I made him part of my team plus he is actually pretty good. I'm not sure if I can find a dream world klink so if I can't I'll just use plus or minus.

Any advice will be helpful. Thank you

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Haxorus all i can suggest
is maybe Brick Break instead of
Rock slide and you should
add life orb as your item.

EV's are good!

Maybe jolly instead of adamant
but its your choice.

Edit: Take Adamant.

You should really add Quiver dance
instead of Toxic to Lillgant and Sleep Powder
instead of Protect.

EV's 252 SAtk 252 Spe 4 hp

Nature Timid/Modest.

Maybe Return instead of Toxic
and Volt switch instead of Protect

EV's 252 atk 132 Hp 124 spe

Nature Adamant

Remember this is only suggetions
but i recomend this.

I like being more offensive rather then Walling.

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