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[email protected] orb
252spa 252spe 4spd
-dragon pulse
-ice beam

[email protected] specs
252spa 252spe 4hp
-earth power
-flash cannon

[email protected] orb
-seed bomb
-drain punch
-stone edge

So yeah I replaced gallade because its not working out as planned...sorry gallade lovers :P. I've replaced him with my breloom. I plan on starting out with him and if he can outspeed the opponent BOOM spored. If not I switch to one of the other two. I don't know what to replace overheat with for heatran so I could use help for that. Also I'm having trouble deciding if I should keep stone edge or replace it with swords dance which I can effectively set up with spore. I barely go for stone edge because my opponents outspeed me and brelooms defenses aren't anything to brag about.

Once again I would appreciate if sprite were edited thanks.

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Go for a bulky Breeloom

Breeloom-Toxic Orb
236 HP/ 212 SpD/ 60 speed
Movesets- There good but switch stone edge for Bulk up-
this set works better because you can put your enemy to sleep while you get some bulk up boost

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