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[email protected] orb
Ability Levitate

Drain Punch
Wild Charge
Aqua Tail

I am keeping this as my lead along with metagross(My next Pokemon).Drain punch is for some recovery when you have low HP.Wild charge for stab,Aqua tail for coverage against Ground types if levitate is negated by a pokemon with mold breaker and crunch for more coverage.

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[email protected] Helmet
Ability:Clear Body

Meteor mash
Zen headbutt
Hammer arm

Well,like i said,this is also going to be my lead along with eelektross.Meteor mash for stab,Zen headbutt,again,for stab,Earhquake for more coverage against fire types and also wont damage eelektross who has levitate and hammer arm for more coverage.

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[email protected] Sash

Close combat
Stone edge

Honestly,i am not going to change my heracross's ability and nature since i have already EV rained it to the max.Megahorn as stab and is powered up by swarm,Close combat as stab,Stone edge for coverage against Fire and flying types.Strength,well,I use it only when a pokemon has very low HP since i cant relay on other moves which have some poor accuracy

enter image description here
[email protected]
Ability:Ice body

Ice beam
Signal Beam

Well,yeah this is my final pokemon.Hail i use it for some recovery from ice body.Ice beam as stab,Surf as stab and signal beam for more coverage against grass types.

Well,please rate it!! I shall be greatly obliged.

P.S-I have not added EV'S since they are a bit screwed up on my pokemon and please dont add them while rating.

Looks good. I can't find anything to improve here. Congrats!
Well,thanks.I have got a 84 win streak with this team.
84 win streak woah.. try the wifi train lol :p

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Ok if you are thinking about changing Heracross use this set:


Item: Choice Band
Ability: Swarm
Nature: Jolly


~ Close Combat
~ Megahorn
~ Stone Edge
~ Earthquake/ SleepTalk

A Choice Band further improves Heracross's amazing Attack stat, allowing to destroy almost everything without the need to set up. STAB Close Combat and Megahorn give Heracross great coverage and incredible power to go with the Choice Band. Stone Edge is by far the best coverage move for Heracross, hitting most of the Pokemon that resist its STAB moves super effectively. Sleep Talk helps both Heracross and your team against sleep-inducers, turning Heracross into a sleep absorber that can fire off Guts-boosted attacks. However, Earthquake can be used over Sleep Talk to get powerful hits on Nidoking, Nidoqueen, and Quilfish; although none of them will enjoy Choice Band boosted hits from its other moves anyway. IMO opinion choose Earthquake over Sleep Talk. I put Sleep Talk there just in-case.


Item: Leftovers
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Adamant

~ Coil
~ Wild Charge
~ Dragon Tail
~ Substitute / Return

This set functions differently to the special attacker set, since instead of trying to cause as much damage as possible over a few turns, this set aims to set up a sweep. Eelektross's only decent boosting move is put to good use in this set, and it complements Eelektross's naturally high Attack. This set is a great cleaner and is more effective against defensive teams, which find it very difficult to beat. Eelektross's immunity to both Spikes and Toxic Spikes really comes in handy here, and is one of the main things separating it from other Coil users, such as Arbok. This set is good on defensive teams mainly because it has great bulk, and is a great way for stall teams to destroy opposing stall teams. However, this set isn't as effective against offensive teams since it's rather weak without a couple of boosts and only has Leftovers recovery, which makes wearing it down rather easy. As such, the best way to defeat this set is to hit it hard with whatever you've got, as Eelektross will eventually die to powerful STAB moves.

Hope this helps ^.^

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Well,i am going to stick with night slash for heracross since earthquake might probably kill my metagross if eelektross is gone and it is also banded.I will try to use the eelektross set you suggested.Thanks for the suggestion!
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Eelektross is Ok.But teach it Thunderbolt isntead of Wild Charge.WC deals recoil damage and thunderbolt because Eelektross Sp.Att is High.

Metagross is pretty good, but why Hammer arm ? Teach it Ice Punch beacuse what happens if you battle a ground type ? you're toast.

Heracross is good.I say you teach it Night Slash instead of Strength.'Cause what happens with a Psychic type ? Night slash it its.

Walrein annoys me a bit.Why Hail ? it damages the your other pokemon as well.Teach it Rest and hold a Lum/Chesto berry.Surf is powerfull but your pokemon take damage.Aqua Tail for

                This is my opinion for your team.Hope I helped you.
I'm not used to rate teams yet
Well,you can clearly see that eelektross has adament and thunderbolt might be quite useless.I am not changing metagross's moveset since it is quite useful.Heracross:I might consider night slash as you suggested.Walrein:I need hail for some recovery and my pokemon lose about 8 HP by being buffeted.I am not changing surf since walrein has adament nature and i know that my pokemon dont even lose half the total HP by surf unless it is a critical hit.+1 for now.