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I'm a bit of a rush in head first kind of guy, but it seems I can't have balance without a wall of some kind. So I've chosen Bronzong for that. The Stalling aside, here's the team I'm trying for.

Name: Maverik
Species: Scrafty
Nature: Hasty
Personality: Proud of its power
Ability: Moxie
EV: 249 Atk, 255 Spd, 6 HP [Messed up EV training]

Moves -
Fire Punch
Thunder Punch
Ice Punch

Hold Item - Expert Belt

Name: Patina
Species: Bronzong
Nature: Quiet
Personality: Scatters thing often
Ability: Levitate
EV: 252 HP, 128 Def, 128 Sp.D

Moves -
Light Screen
Gyro Ball

Hold Item - Light Clay

Name: Draco [Unoriginal, sue me]
Species: Haxorus
Nature: Lonely
Personality: Likes to fight
Ability: Mold Breaker
EV: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 4 HP

Moves -
Dragon Claw
Brick Break
Dual Chop

Hold Item - [open to suggestions]

I'm firm on Maverik, the other two are attempts to cover him. Despite the odd... matchup that Maverik presents, he's proven to be very reliable, but I'm always open to suggestions.

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the only special attack that you have is psychic, which doesn't hit very hard.
In my experience, 90 base attack with 25% stab is usually pretty hard hitting. But I'll heed it, I planned on changing Bronzong into a bulk defense. Put up Reflect and Light screen, maybe have a few more additions.
STAB is 50% actually
I thought they halved the stab for dual types. Even then, 90 + 45 is hardly a damage stat to sneeze at.
No dual type don't have halved STAB. If the move is the same type (or one of the same types) as the user, it gets a 50% boost.

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Ah ... We have a very unbalanced team ! Where is the special attacker ? This team won't stand for a long time without any strong special attacker in it !

Scrafty (Maverik) is one of my favorite guys, but the yours isn't that strong. I seriously recommend you to choose this instead:
Name : Maverik
Species: Scrafty
Nature: Careful or Impish
Personailty: Proud of its power
EVs: 252 HP / 252 attack / 4 defense (if careful) or 4 sp.defense (if Impish) jut to balance.

  • Substitute (you needs it, you have good HP to put on Substitutes)
  • Bulk up ( for the bulk )
  • Crunch (STAB)
  • Focus punch (main STAB, useful with Substitutes)

Holds a leftovers

or use Volacarona:
Volcarona: (252 speed/ 252 sp.attcak / 4 sp.defense, TIMID, CALM or MODEST)

  • Flamethrower (STAB)
  • Psychic (Coverage)
  • Bug Buzz (STAB)
  • Hurricane (Rain is no longer a problem.)

holds a Choice specs

Bronzong ... Remove Gyro ball and put Flash canon or if you want to abuse Quiet don't remove it and add 4 sp.Attcak / attack on EVs and it will help u.

And Haxorus ... Choose between Dual chop (More critical hits ratio beacuse of multi strike and breaks the substiutes) or Dragon claw (More accurate) and let it holds the choice band/ scarf and put X - scissor (coverage) insted of one of the two Dragon attacks. Instead of Lonely, try having Jolly or Adamant, Likes to fight with Jolly and Likes to run with Adamant, just to balance a Sweeper.

A last word ... Your nicknames are original, especially Maverik (I did never get the idea) but for Bronzong I would called it Baby Bell :) And Haxorus, call it Dangerous, because Haxorus is just a beast.

Hope I helped ! :)

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Yeah, you did. However, I can honestly counter your view of Maverik being weak. With the moves I've given him, he very rarely dies in most battles I put him in. As for the Haxorus I have now, I ended up with Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Sword's Dance, and Brick Break and he's truly a beast. As for my support, I exchanged it with Aggron, his bulk and power has yet to fail me.

I have a team that never fails now, but I do appreciate the advice, I'll put it to use.
Yeah but instead of using Aggron I strongly suggest you to choose Volcarona or Chandelure, you really need a special attacker. Every team I saw so far with no special attacker sucks. I'm sorry if this comment harm you in any way.
No, no harm at all. It's greatly appreciated.
Oh, I do have a question for Maverik's build... Would Drain Punch be out of the question as a move in place of Crunch, or more likely, Bulk Up?

Second, if I chose to bring Scraggy up to 49 before evolving into Scrafty, would he lose any stat bonuses?
1 . Drain punch has a better effect but a worse basepower of 70 instead of crunch 80. It is all about how much are his HP.

2. No, it won't lose anything; it is like you choose to evolve Dragonair at level 65 to get Outrage quicker. It won't affect the stats, however.
It's a good analogy. But thanks. It's a lot easier to get Focus Punch at 49 instead of 58 as Scrafty.
Ok better like this.
But Careful: You can't have Focus punch without Substitute, as long as you play single, but if you want to play double, you will add:

Togekiss @ Leftovers
Trait: Serene Grace / Super luck
Nature: Calm
Personality: Sturdy body
EVs: 252 defense / 252 sp.defense / 4 sp.attack

Follow me
(Walling, letting time for Maverik to setup both Bulk up and Focus punch without to be aimed, careful about E-Quake and what else.)

Air slash / Aura sphere
(The only attack, Air slash is STAB with Super Luck, but Aura sphere has a nice effect as well.)

Metronome (If lucky, you will do Water Spout :D)

Extremespeed (Priority that Maverik won't hit)