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Only cards up to Neo 3 are allowed, because otherwise I have too few cards from future sets to do much. For the sake of ease, we'll just say I have four of every card (it isn't too far off from the truth). I have more than sixty of every type of basic energy. Also, for promos, you probably won't need to worry yourselves about them, as plenty of them aren't all too great. So I'll just say the ones that matter. I have two Promo Mewtwo and three Promo Mew.

Pokemon: 20

x1 Blastoise (Base)-RAIN DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
x2 Wartortle (Base)-Evolves into Blastoise
x3 Squirtle (Base)-Evolves into Wartortle
x1 Feraligatr (Lv 69) (Neo 1)-Hell of a good attack. Works great along with my Prof Oaks. Also makes me pretty much immune to Energy Removal.
x2 Croconaw (Lv 41) (Neo 1)-Evolves into Feraligatr and its attack helps set it up.
x3 Totodile (Lv 20) (Neo 1)-Evolves into Croconaw
x2 Misty's Poliwag (Lv 15) (Gym)-Evolves into Misty's Poliwhirl. It has a solid stalling attack, either paralyzes or puts to sleep.
x1 Misty's Poliwhirl (Gym)-Grass weakness is better than Electric during this time. Has a solid three for 30 which does 10 more damage for each Water Energy on it, which works great with Rain Dance. Has an Energy Removal attack also.
x2 Wooper (Neo 1)-Counters Electabuzz and Rocket's Zapdos
x3 Articuno (Fossil)-Powerful basic with no weakness and Fighting resistance.

Trainers: 21

x4 Bill (Base)-Draws cards
x4 Professor Oak (Base)-Draws cards
x2 Item Finder (Base)-Gets me back my card drawers
x2 Computer Search (Base)-Searches for Blastoise, Feraligatr, or Wooper
x2 Gust of Wind (Base)-Gets in a weak Pokemon to be taken down. Works great with Articuno having damaged the bench.
x3 Super Energy Removal (Base)-Awesome card that stops my foe from attacking. Energy discarded just helps Feraligatr.
x2 Rocket's Sneak Attack (Rocket)-Can stop my foe from using their Lass card. I have expert prediction skills, so I know when they have a Lass in their hand. Well, sometimes it is a SER, but usually I get a Lass.
x2 Nightly Garbage Run (Rocket)-Helps bring back cards I lost to Prof Oak back into my deck.

Energy: 19

x19 Water Energy-Needed

A Rain Dance deck. Draw cards as quickly as possible, then place all my energies that I gained with my Blastoise's Rain Dance Power. This deck is one of the fastest decks in the game, even faster than Haymaker if you get a good first hand.

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Bone to pick here. You left out Politoed!
This lacks Politoed

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