Pokémon Rate My Team
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The team:

(please leave feedback of the entire team as an answer and feedback on only one or two mons as a comment)

You need to stop using bad Pokemon in PU. If you refuse to read the teambuilding guide, then at least read this. http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/usum-pu-viability-rankings.3614892/
^^^ This is PU. PU is all ABOUT using bad pokemon you uncultured swine
Correction: PU is all about using Pokemon that are bad in other tiers. Just because all PU Pokemon are bad in NU doesn't mean they're all bad in PU.
As sumwun said, PU has a legitimate metagame. PU has Pokemon in it that are good and that are bad. Your team as Pokemon that are bad by PU standards, which is saying something, and generally lacks a fair bit of coherence.
After looking more closely at the team, it's not Torterra's fault the team sucks. sumwun, You clearly didn't bother to read the whole thing because on the Right of the screen, there is a message saying "By my friend." So it's really not a good choice to bash Torterra for his team when it's not even his fault it's not decent.
It is his fault that he didn't improve the team before asking us for help.
Well what if the post didn't approve at the time? No offense to the mods who have to read and approve this but, you guys are too slow.
What does approving have to do with the fact that the team needs improvement?

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