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x3 Yamask
Evolves into Coffin, and the confusion can come in handy if I can get a heads.

x2 Coffin
Damagriiigus is a really nice attack, I think I need Pokes with less retreat cost or more switches though.

x2 Golett
Evolves into Golurk, good HP for a Basic Pokemon and Dynamic Punch has a good effect with heads.

x1 Golurk
Both its attacks are nice, but it kinda needs a lot of energies.
I would like to have more in the deck but haven't gotten any so far, I'll probably try to get more soon.

x1 Terrakion

Can get set up pretty quickly, and can enter quickly as well with a powerful Retaliate.

x3 Litwick
Needed for evolution, it's kinda hard getting it set up with 2 energies quickly enough though.
I've tried getting the promo Litwick which has Call for family for 1 energy but that's hard! didn't get any!
I also btw only have three but getting another isn't that hard.

x3 Lampent

Evolves into Bawsdera, and Luring Light is actully pretty good.

x2 Chandelure
Shadow Tag Shandera

Absolutely boss, a very good card.
Cursed Shadow gives it 3 damage counters to use anyway it likes, and can also get a KO with it and force the opponent to send out another Poke to get Eerie glowed on.

x1 Regigigas EX
Very good card, also can use the energy I have because Colorless.
It has great attacks.
I'm btw free to add another since I have two of them, but it's pretty hard to get setup also since I don't run any DCEs.

x2 Junk Arm
Used to get important items such as Catcher since I only have 1.

x2 Level Ball
Can get a lot of stuff in the deck to my hand.

x1 Catcher
Insanely good card, and lets me force one of the opponents Pokes into play.
I would like to have more in the deck, but it's pretty much impossible to get in trade, and not really easy to get in a pack.

x3 P-Com
Awesome to get Pokes into play.

x2 Super Rod
Nice to get discarded Pokes and energies into the deck again.

x2 Switches
Nice if I need to switch, and helps out Damagriiigus.
I'd like to have more but only have 2 for now.

x1 Eviolite
Good item for Regigigas and Terrakion.

x2 Rocky Helmet
Nice to get damage on the opponent and may prevent dat mofo from attacking.

x3 I'm gonna go ahead and Oak out
Awesome to get a new hand, and the hand may often suck.

x1 Collector
Awesome to get new Pokes into play.
Only have 1 btw.

x3 Elm
Helps getting Shadow Tag Shandera and other things as well.

x3 Interviers Questions
Nice way to get energies.

x9 Psychic Energy
Needed for Psychic Pokes.

x8 Fighting Energy
Needed for Fighting Pokes.

I used to run 2 DCEs, but I removed them from the deck because I think there wasn't enough space but I have 4 and can add them if suggested.

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Reuniculus over Chandelure (sorry). Works wonders with Cofagrigus. And more Energy.
Seems pretty cool, I'll try to get it.
And what do you think I should replace for dem energies?

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