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So I recently built this team revolving around Battle Spot Doubles (Gen 7 edition), and I want to know what others think of it. I'm not much of a competitive battler myself so I had to draw inspiration from the likes of Smogon, VGC world championships sets and a teeny tiny bit off of Pimpnite. So without further ado, let's get into it. (Also I am quite new so if you see something wrong with the sprites or it just shows you a link then I am very sorry because I am new.)

1. Pachirisu
(I don't do natures.)
EV spread: 252 Spe/252 HP/4 Def
Item: Flame Orb
Ability: Volt Absorb
- Nuzzle
- Discharge
- Super Fang
- Bestow

Usage: This is what I plan to be my lead along Jolteon, who of which I will discuss later. With Jolteon, both will have Discharge and Volt Absorb. So even though I can't do much damage with my trashy Special Attack, I can use to recover Jolteon's HP. Jolteon can say vice versa as that's practically his role. Although, Pachirisu also has the set drawn Se Jun Park's Pachirisu used to win the VGC World Championships, being Nuzzle and Discharge existing in the set. If any threats are able to outspeed Jolteon, Nuzzle, with its perfect accuracy, will be able to make Jolteon a somewhat sweeper. Super Fang can also be used to aid Jolteon if he is having trouble killing opponents, plus, it's a handy counter to at least do something to Chanseys with Eviolites. The reason I put Bestow is to apply the Flame Orb onto the opponents. Now, if you're asking why Flame Orb over Toxic Orb, that's because burn halves Attack, meaning both Pachirisu and Jolteon can at least survive one hit from a Physical Attack with their poor Defense. But just in case all else fails, I did apply Defense EVs to Pachirisu.

2. Jellicent
(I don't do natures.)
EV spread: 252 HP/252 Atk/4 Def
Item: Toxic Orb
Ability: Volt Absorb
- Facade
- Protect
- Pain Split
- Trick Room

Usage: Jellicent is really just some death fodder I can use for switch-in purposes. But I did really just put in some purpose to have it on the field other than death fodder. With maximized attack (base Atk stat being 60) with the help of EVs and IVs, combined with the Facade boost from Toxic Orb, and it should do a bit before Jellicent dies. But with max HP EVs and IVs, Jellicent should just hang on a little bit. There's no way I could kill something with that eh Speed stat (which really isn't that bad), so I just put Trick Room there for outspeeding. In case I predict an attack after some set ups like Calm Mind I can always depend on Protect to save me. If my ally is low and I am on high health, there's no way for my ally to recover so Pain Split is there for them to survive a little longer. Boom. Jellicent set. Not much usage here. Also, for those wondering why Toxic Orb over Flame Orb, that's because... burn halves attack. Seriously. I won't be doing much with Facade if for that.

3. Basculin
(I don't do natures.)
EV spread: 252 Atk/252 Spe/4 HP
Item: Sitrus Berry
Ability: Rock Head
- Taunt
- Whirlpool
- Double-Edge
- Head Smash

Usage: This looks like filler, but it's actually not. That Attack stat is decent for a Pokemon who doesn't seem appealing (mostly because it's Generation 5, the generation that not many people desire), and that Speed stat isn't what exactly one would laugh at, either. I would put this as a lead but, you know, Pachirisu and Jolteon are better at it than Basculin can. Taunt can be used to stop entry hazards and set-ups like Stealth Rocks and Bulk Ups, which is a good thing. Whirlpool is Basculin's own entry hazards, stopping the annoying Volt Switching Galvantula or an other U-Turn Pokemon. They're just dead annoying. Although, Rapid Spin exists. Watching out for that, I know. Rock Head stops the recoil from Double-Edge and Head Smash, letting me get free 150/120 base damage off. And that Attack stat is SO helping that. Sitrus Berry for emergencies. Overall, I think Basculin could be formidable.

4. Unown
(I don't do natures.)
EV spread: 252 SpA/252 Spe/4 HP
Item: Choice Specs
Ability: Levitate
- Hidden Power (Psychic)

Usage: It is Unown why I am using Unown.

But STAB with Choice Specs Hidden Power should do some. Max Sp. Attack EVs should help out. Other than that, Levitate gives Ground immunity. Nothing else to say.

5. Jolteon:
(I don't do natures.)
EV spread: 252 SpA/252 Spe/4 HP
Item: Focus Sash
Ability: Volt Absorb
- Discharge
- Hidden Power (Dragon)
- Hidden Power (Ice)
- Toxic

Usage: With Pachirisu, you can read that over there on Pachirisu's side. Without Pachirisu, though, Jolteon can cover four types with the respective Hidden Powers Dragon and Ice. Those types are Dragon, Ground, Flying, and Grass. Even if STAB is not obtained, that Sp. Attack is there to make up for it. With Toxic, you can just go all out and poison everything in your way. Just annoy everything. Absorb Electric attacks with Volt Absorb and just in case Jolteon gets hammered by Earthquake, the Focus Sash is there. Plus, if Jolteon's health was severely cut down by an attack but not enough to trigger the Focus Sash, with Pachirisu by his side, Pachirisu can spam Discharge for Jolteon to heal to full and hopefully to withstand an Earthquake some other day. Other than that, Jolteon is still a good boy nevertheless.

And finally... The last member...

6. Florges
(Seriously. I still don't do natures.)
EV spread: 252 HP/252 SpD/4 Def
Item: Sitrus Berry
Ability: Symbiosis
- Aromatherapy
- Magic Coat
- Light Screen
- Misty Terrain

Usage: Florges is the most supportive on my team. With many of my members possessing bad Special Defense, Florges can set up a Light Screen to halve the damage of Special Attacks. Not only that, Florges can bounce back entry hazards like Leech Seed and Toxic Spikes using Magic Coat, and protect the team with Misty Terrain in case a status move is predicted. Aromatherapy can heal existing status conditions among the party. Plus, Misty Terrain halves the damage of Dragon Type moves while in effect, protecting some of my Pokemon because Dragon types are popular in the meta, and so are Dragon moves. However, Florges' synergy with Unown is poor. Misty Terrain cannot protect Unown from status effects due to its Levitate, so enemies can still use Will-o-Wisp or something like that on Unown while Misty Terrain is active. However, Aromatherapy exists. Also, Symbiosis, Florges' hidden ability, works well with four out five of the other team members. Because Unown holds a Choice Specs, Symbiosis won't really do anything on it. But with Basculin's Sitrus Berry, Jolteon's Focus Sash, Jellicent's Toxic Orb, or Pachirisu's Flame Orb being wasted can quickly be replaced with a Sitrus Berry, given Florges' health is high enough to ensure Florges didn't use it. But that bulk says it all. That's all for Florges.

And that's the team! Let me know what you think and what I can do to improve it. Thanks.

If you have no time to do natures, then you can try playing on Showdown! instead of a real game. It only takes a few seconds to set a nature there. Also, I think you're not using the best Pokemon. Why would you use Unown when Metagross does its job better? Why would you use Pachirisu or Jolteon when Zapdos does both their jobs better? Why would you use Jellicent, Basculin, or Florges when Tapu Fini does all their jobs better?
Well, I did say I was using this team on Pokémon Showdown. I just don’t like natures because of how complicated they are. Zapdos, Metagross, and Tapu Fini are good choices, but I felt I wanted to use Pokémon in lower tiers to see how they would do. Metagross is just all-out competitive, too much of a sweeper style for me. That would be a good thing, and Metagross can hang on a little longer, but I just felt Metagross would be too much and I wanted to see what Unown was capable of. And unlike Metagross, Unown gets Levitate which doesn’t do much compared to Clear Body and Tough Claws, but an immunity to a popular type’s moves is nice. Pachirisu and Jolteon both get access to Volt Absorb, letting them recover when used together with Discharge. Lightning Rod on the other hand in Zapdos’ case, raises its already great Special Attack. Not much of use to me. Yes, better stats than Jolteon, but only way to recover would be through Sitrus Berry, other healing items, healing move from ally, or some move like Purify. Leftovers poses as nice recovery but your opponent can do more damage with Rock Slide/Ice Beam than you can recover with it. Plus Pachirisu gives out support with Nuzzle and Super Fang for other Pokémon to easily do damage. Yes Zapdos gets Thunder Wave but what if you’re having trouble doing damage? For sure you won’t use Raticate just for a Super Fang. I don’t know how Tapu Fini can be death fodder, excellent support, and torturous trapper all in one. Jellicent is used to deal okay damage with Facade, but that’s only because you have nothing else to do. Maybe last turn you have done Protect and don’t like that 50 accuracy. Maybe both you and your ally are on good health. Heck, maybe your ally is fast and you don’t want to use Trick Room! Jellicent can also be said as support but its mostly death fodder. Basculin uses Whirlpool to trap opponents and uses Taunt to prevent set-up moves from striking. Plus, Taunt is used to just slap Toxic and Will-o-Wisp in the face and they can only use attacking moves. Double-Edge and Head Smash should do recoil, but Rock Head comes into play. If they ever do damage, Sitrus Berry is in the equation. Decent attack helps. Florges is basically supportive, setting up a Misty Terrain, Light Screen, using Aromatherapy, and use Magic Coat to reflect entry hazards. If you ask me, Tapu Fini would the job better, but I see Tapu Fini being more of a sweeper than a support Pokémon.

Thanks for the feedback!
Nature's aren't complicated at all, and they're 100% necessary to making a good team. And I mean 100%. So you should probably go out of your way to understand them.
First, when people post in this RMT, everyone else assumes they want to win battles. If winning battles isn't the main thing you want to do, then you should probably specify that in your post. Second, all natures do is raise one stat and lower another, so just use whatever nature raises your most useful stat and lowers the least useful one. Third, this is doubles, where you have two opponents attacking you each turn. Trying to heal yourself just isn't worth it.
If you're thinking you need super fang to deal damage, then try using a choice item or a Z-crystal. When your Pokemon are actually strong, choice item boosted moves and Z-moves deal much, much more damage than super fang. And why are you using Jellicent as death fodder when its HP and special defense are so high? Use a Pokemon that actually dies when you want it to, like maybe Typhlosion. And I don't get what's so "torturous" about trapping when the opponent is usually going to attack you anyway. If you really like pain split and trick room, then use Dusclops, which is still better than Jellicent. Tapu Fini gets both whirlpool and taunt, just like Basculin, and has a better attack stat, so why are you using Basculin for sweeping?

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