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Only cards from Diamond and Pearl, Mysterious Treasures, Secret Wonders, and Great Encounters are allowed. However, Energy cards from previous sets are also allowed.

Pokemon: 25

x3 Caterpie (GE)-Has a nice one for 20 attack. Needed for evolution.
x3 Metapod (GE)-Needed for evolution.
x3 Butterfree (GE)-Really easy to get out due to its previous stages having an ability that evolves them. Parallel Drain is a great attack, a one for 30 that heals any one of my Pokemon by the damage Parallel Drain did. Dozing Scales is also a good attack, a three (two with Sceptile) for 60 that either puts the foe to sleep or poisons them. 120 HP and no retreat cost make this an excellent Pokemon.
x3 Treecko (GE)-Has resistance to Water and an alright attack with Absorb. Needed for evolution.
x2 Grovyle (GE)-Resistance to Water and an attack that for zero energy lets me search my deck for two energy and put them into my hand. Needed for evolution.
x1 Sceptile (GE)-All Grass Energy provide two energy with Sceptile. The main point of this card. I mean, a four for 50 or 70 isn't good enough to warrant its use otherwise. But with its ability it pretty much becomes a two for 50 or 70, which is great. Also has resistance to water.
x4 Kricketot (MT)-A 60 HP basic that can get me Pokemon. Needed for evolution.
x3 Kricketune (MT)-With Sceptile out Kricketune gets a one for 20 that puts the foe to sleep. Decent, but not even as close to as good as Concerto, which can become a one for 80 with Sceptile out.
x2 Exeggcute (MT)-A 60 HP basic. Needed for evolution.
x1 Exeggutor (MT)-Exeggutor can end up doing a huge amount of damage really quickly. And it can get Energy onto my Pokemon. If I have Sceptile out, I pretty much give four energy to my Pokemon.

Trainers: 20

x4 Warp Point (D&P)-A Switch and Gust of Wind in one card.
x4 Roseanne's Research (SW)-Gets me Pokemon and Energy.
x4 Team Galactic's Mars (SW)-Drawing and puts a card in my opponent's hand to the bottom of their deck.
x4 Pluspower (SW)-Makes my Pokemon do more damage.
x2 Rival (D&P)-Gets me cards.
x2 Leftovers (GE)-Healing.

Energy: 15

x15 Grass Energy-Needed.

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I love that your doing Diamond&Pearl decks! Now I have more of a visuial of what your doing. XD
I'm pretty sure this is from Arceus, Platinum, but a Broken Time Space may be slightly helpful...
Unless you mean this card http://serebii.net/card/mysterioustreasures/124.shtml then yeah, not in these sets.
Yeah, its from Platinum I believe. I think its an AWESOME card, so just thought I'd suggest it.

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