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Please do not vote on or answer this. Also would suggest not to give comments. This is Rio's assignment after all! This is the best place for this to be located, which is why it is here. Don't worry, I won't be having multiple questions of TCG decks for Rio to work on. I'll just edit this question.

Pokemon: 13

x3 Scyther
x3 Electabuzz
x3 Mr. Mime
x2 Clefairy
x2 Clefable

Trainers: 26

x3 Bill
x2 Professor Oak
x2 Computer Search
x3 Gust of Wind
x3 Energy Removal
x3 Super Energy Removal
x3 Pluspower
x1 Item Finder
x2 Energy Retrieval
x2 Scoop Up
x2 Full Heal

Energy: 21

x9 Electric Energy
x9 Psychic Energy
x3 Double Colorless Energy

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Okay, I think I got the feel to this deck: (its a) Metronome Deck, as in steal the opponents pokemon features.

First of all, I think that the Scyther, Electabuzz, Super Energy Removal, Item Finder, Energy Retrieval, Full Heal, Plus Power, and the Electric Energies should be removed. That leaves room for 26 cards total. I think I'll set aside those Energies for later...

Clefairy, and Clefable are an important aspect to this deck, So I would add 2 more Clefairy and another Clefable. I would also add 2 Chansey and 4 Ditto's; which I think go with this deck quite nicely. I think that actually the Mr.Mime card shall be fine with just 2 cards, and I probably shouldn't, but I think the Damage-Swap deck would also be a fine twist on the deck.

Firstly, add another Bill. I think maybe only 2 Gust of Wind are needed. Another Energy Removal. I believe the goal of this deck isn't to directly to attack the opponent with these powerful moves, so I think I'll take out some Defenders. I think I'll trade those Scoop Ups with Mr. Fuji's and add two, to pick up those greatly-damaged Chansey. And I want to add a Pokemon Breeder and 2 Pokemon Trader.

Okay, gonna pick up those energies now. So I think 15 Psychic Energies shall be enough, and add another Double Colorless Energy.

Pokemon: 22
x4 Clefairy
x3 Clefable
x2 Chansey
x4 Ditto
x2 Mr.Mime
x3 Abra
x2 Kadabra
x2 Alakazam

Trainers: 19
x4 Bill
x2 Prof. Oak
x2 Gust of Wind
x4 Energy Removal
x4 Defenders
x2 Pokemon Trader
x1 Pokemon Breeder

Energy: 19
x15 Psychic Energy
x4 Double Colorless Energy.

I have a feeling I altered this deck too much....

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Kind of have altered the deck. The deck was meant to be a basic force. In fact, Clefable was the misfit! Hopefully the person will give what their deck is, but if not try to recognize what the deck is leaning towards and flow with that. This deck points towards the Basic with three powerful Basic forces, a good deal of card drawing, Energy Removal, and those Pluspowers. All of these are the marks of a Basic deck. While the deck you made was good for the most part (improvement on that deck will come later in this) it does change the structure of the deck. The person who asked this might be fine with this, they might not. They'll more likely be fine if you keep the theme.

Now for this deck you made. Defenders and Pokemon Breeders aren't needed. I've noticed that you have a fondness of Pokemon Breeder and Rare Candy. Here is what I learned through my years of playing: Only use these cards if you run a 3-2-3 or such variant where the middle card is lacking, when you don't even have the Stage 1 of the line, or when you only have one of both the Stage 1 and Stage 2. Otherwise there is no need for Pokemon Breeder/Rare Candy and you can fill your deck up with better cards.

The energy are also a bit low. Well, a bit low for later sets. For the first three sets this is dangerously low. About 90% decks used at least one kind of Energy Removal (SER or ER) and about 50% of decks used both kinds of Energy Removal.

Also, when you say you are adding in a card, add it in. You say you are adding in Mr. Fuji, but there is no Mr. Fuji in your final deck. This can cause some confusion.