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Urshifu @ Focus Sash
Ability: Unseen Fist
Jolly Nature
EVs: 252 Spe/252 Atk/4 HP
-Sucker Punch
-Close Combat
-Wicked Blow

Urshifu is my counter user. It's kind of like Ditto in the sense that it revenge KOs pokemon that have stat boosts (Airstream users especially, like Dracozolt.) Gets walled by fairies though, which is not ideal.

Charizard @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Solar Power
Timid Nature
Gigantimax: Yes
EVs: 252 Spe/252 SpA/4 SpD
-Solar Beam
-Air Slash
-Dragon Pulse

Blaze is probably better than Solar Power because I don't even have anything to set up sun unless I use Max Flare on a different mon and I don't want to breed another mon because I used max soup + bottle caps on this one. Charizard is one of my main sweepers/dynamaxers.

Dracozolt @ Life Orb
Ability: Hustle
Jolly Nature
EVs: 252 Spe/252 Atk/4 Def
-Bolt Beak
-Aerial Ace
-Fire Fang

The Cinderace of series 6. This is my other main dynamaxer. Aerial Ace for Max Airstream with the added benefit of infinite accuracy (which is good with Hustle.) Fire Fang for Ferrothorn. EQ is another option but imo Fire Fang is better. I might consider running Flamethrower over fire fang, for counter users but idk.

Primarina @ Assault Vest
Ability: Torrent
Modest Nature
EVs: 252 HP/252 SpA/4 SpD
-Aqua Jet
-Sparkling Aria
-Energy Ball

Aqua Jet to break sashes, get finishes, etc. Sparkling Aria over Scald because it goes through subsitute. This can be useful against Sub Primarina or SubPlot Hydreigon. Energy Ball for the mirror/other water types. I've actually been seeing a surprising amount of Seismitoad and Gastrodon recently.

Rhyperior @ Weakness Policy
Ability: Solid Rock
Adamant Nature
EVs: 252 HP/252 Atk/4 Def
-Hammer Arm
-Rock Blast
-Fire Punch

Checks Dracozolt. Good switch in and 2HKOs Dracozolt after Max Wyrmind when Dynamaxed. Rock Blast over Stone Edge because it breaks sashes and has better accuracy. Rock Blast > Rock Wrecker because I don't dynamax Rhyperior often. Rhyperior can't take special hits, which isn't good. Honestly the mon I would most consider replacing. It's slow speed is also very annoying.

Ferrothorn @ Leftovers
Ability: Iron Barbs
Relaxed Nature
EVs: 252 HP/252 Def/4 SpD
IVs: 0 Spe
-Leech Seed
-Stealth Rock
-Power Whip
-Gyro Ball

Checks fairy types + sets rocks. Honestly Sciz might be better for this. Also might run Occa Berry instead of Leftovers for mons like Rhyperior and Dracozolt that carry fire coverage so I can set up a Leech Seed or SR and then switch.

Oh yeah, and might run Scorching Sands over Dragon Pulse on Charizard but I dynamax so often the burn doesn't really matter anyways
Iron head on urshufu is a option
Yes. Is it worth it though? My team does struggle with Fairy Types but I usually need all the moves I have on Urshifu.
Not updated with the post-bans BSS meta, so I won't say too much. But if you do cover Fairy on Urshifu, go Poison Jab because it hits Primarina.
I was thinking U-Turn might be good because then I can just pivot into Ferrothorn. But you're right that if I do want Fairy coverage I'll probably want to use Poison Jab. It hits Azumarill hard too, which is important because I can get swept if my sash broke and it sets up a Belly Drum.

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