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Any suggestions for this HGSS Steel TCG Deck?

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Only cards from Unleashed, Undaunted, Triumphant, and Call of Legends are allowed. However, Energy cards from previous sets are also allowed.

Pokemon: 18

x4 Onix (Swing Around) (Unleashed)-A 90 HP basic that hits for Fighting weakness and that can do 60 damage for three energy. Needed for evolution.
x3 Steelix (Unleashed)-140 HP and Psychic resistance. It can't be affect by Special Conditions. Energy Stream is a decent two for 30 that gets an Energy from my discard pile and attaches it to Steelix. This is needed for that five for 100 attack that discards a Stadium card in play.
x2 Scyther (Afterimage Slash) (Undaunted)-A 60 HP basic that hits for Grass weakness. Needed for evolution.
x1 Scizor (Prime) (Undaunted)-100 HP and Psychic resistance. It can't be damaged by attacks from Pokemon with any Special Energies on them. Metal Scissor is a great attack, it is a two for 30 that does 20 more damage for each Steel (Metal) energy on Scizor.
x4 Skarmory (Undaunted)-An 80 HP basic with Psychic resistance that gets energy for my Pokemon.
x4 Mawile (Undaunted)-A 60 HP basicwith Psychic resistance. Selfish Draw is drawing that can get Energy into my discard pile for use with Steelix. Destructive Jaw is a solid attack with a heads flip, a three for 30 that with that heads flip paralyzes the opponent and discards an energy attached to them.

Trainers: 24

x4 Pluspower (Unleashed)-Has my Pokemon do more damage.
x4 Super Scoop Up (Unleashed)-Gets Pokemon back into my hand. This is great for use along with a damaged Steelix to heal Steelix while also getting Energy back into my hand.
x4 Team Rocket's Trickery (Undaunted)-Drawing that has my opponent discard a card from their hand.
x4 Junk Arm (Triumphant)-Gets me back Trainers. I can just discard energy and Steelix can get them back.
x4 Good Rod (Unleashed)-Gets me back Pokemon or Trainers.
x2 Defender (Undaunted)-Reduces damage my Pokemon take.
x2 Dual Ball (Unleashed)-Gets me basics.

Energy: 18

x14 Steel Energy-Needed.
x4 Metal Energy (Neo Genesis)-Provides energy while reducing the damage my Pokemon take.

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