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Only cards from Rising Rivals, Supreme Victors, Arceus, and HeartGold SoulSilver are allowed. However, Energy cards from previous sets are also allowed.

Pokemon: 19

x4 Bronzor (Lv. 15) (Arceus)-A 60 HP basic with Psychic resistance and an alright one for 10 that can put the foe to sleep. Needed for evolution.
x3 Bronzong (Lv. 45) (Arceus)-Wide Laser is a good one energy attack that does 10 damage to each of my opponent's Pokemon. Hyper Beam is a good three for 50 with a chance at energy removal. Also has Psychic resistance.
x4 Jirachi (RR)-A 60 HP basic with Psychic resistance and no retreat cost. Final Wish is great. When Jirachi is about to be KOd it lets me search my deck for any card and put it into my hand. Detour is a nice attack that lets me use the effect of a supporter card that I have in play for no energy. Swift is a decent one for 20 that ignores resistance and such.
x4 Mawile (SV)-A 70 HP basic with Psychic resistance. Swallow is a two for 20 that heals Mawile by the damage done to the Defending Pokemon by Swallow. Bite is a two for 30. If I use Turnaround Standby Swallow does 60 damage and Bite 70.
x4 Skarmory FB (SV)-An 80 HP basic with Fighting resistance.Silver Feather is a great one for 20 that has it so that any basics my opponent plays during his next turn takes two damage counters of damage. Metal Max is a two for 20 that has me discard all energies on Skarmory then flip a coin for each energy discarded and do 40 more damage for each heads.

Trainers: 21

x4 Cyrus's Initiative (SV)-Puts cards in my opponents hand to the bottom of their deck.
x4 Moomoo Milk (HGSS)-Healing.
x3 Switch (HGSS)-For retreating my Pokemon.
x2 Professor Elm's Training Method (HGSS)-Gets me evolutions.
x2 Fisherman (HGSS)-Gets energy from my discard pile back into my hand.
x2 Pokemon Collector (HGSS)-Gets me basics.
x2 Professor Oak's Visit (Arceus)-Drawing.
x1 Underground Expedition (RR)-Gets me cards from the bottom of my deck.
x1 Palmer's Contribution (SV)-Gets Energy and Pokemon back into my deck.

Energy: 20

x16 Steel Energy-Needed.
x4 Metal Energy (Rising Rivals)-Provides energy and increases the bulk of my Pokemon.

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