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I’m sorry I haven’t finished my assiment, I’ll have that done by Saturday night.
It was weird how I thought of this this deck. It came to me while I was outside. I was thinking of my puppy, then I thought about making a deck in her honor, then I though of Houndoom, which lead me to think of Houndoom Prime. I came in and checked it on Serebii and its ability Fire Breath reminded me of Volcarona and I started winging it from there. (Lol, its a 20-20-20 deck) Enjoy! :D

Pokemon: 20
x4 Larvesta (DarkExplorers) (#21)- Can burn my opponent with Super Singe with an additional 10 damage. Needed for evolution.
x3 Volcarona (DarkExplorers)- Scorching Burn makes my opponent feel the burn! 4 damage for each time I get heads in-between turns. Burning Wind, doing 70 damage and burning my opponent, is great.
x2 Entei EX (DarkExplorers)- Amazing card. Fire Fang does 2 for 30 while burning my opponent. Grand Flame is grand indeed. 3 for 90 is great; and it lets me get a fire energy from the discard pile and attach it to a bench pokemon. This is a great supporter and attacker pokemon.
x3 Houndour (Undaunted) (#53)- Sharp Fang does 2 for 30 damage. Needed for evolution.
x2 Houndoom Prime (Undaunted)- Fire Breath burns my opponent even if they switch out, if I get heads. Dark Clamp does a solid 70, keeping my opponent active.
x2 Torkoal (Unleashed)- Hot Snort helps with burning. 2 energies for 30 is a good way to help start the game.
x2 Unown (Undaunted)- Dark gets me Darkness energies. A great supporter card.
x2 Darkrai EX (DarkExplorers)- Dark Cloak works great with Unown. Free retreat with any dark energy attached to my pokemon. Night Spear is amazingly great for 3 doing 90 to the active and 30 to a bench. A great pokemon indeed.

Trainers, Supporters, and Stadiums: 20
x4 Dark Claw- Gives me an extra 20 damage attacking power.
x2 Dark Patch- Gets a darkness energy out of the discard pile.
x4 Cheren- Allows me to draw 3 cards. This comes in handy.
x4 Seekers- Some of my pokemon’s abilities only work when they are put from the hand onto the bench; so I pick them up with seeker. This also works with cards, especially EXs, that are about to be KOed.
x2 Prof. Oak- Gets a new hand. Nice for when I’m in a bad situation.
x2 Ultra Ball- At the loss of 2 cards, I get a Pokemon of my choice from my deck, which helps me get the card to move my plan forward.
x2 Pokemon Catcher- Brings up my opponents weaker pokemon to attack and hopefully Knocked Out.

Energies: 20
x4 Special Darkness Energy- Does an extra 10 damage to my opponent if it is attached to a Dark Pokemon.
x6 Darkness Energy- Needed to attack.
x10 Fire Energy- Needed to attack

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Isn't 4 EX's kind of risky?

Not that I'm a TCG expert.
Not particularly; though I see your point.
During my Battle Road, my friend had a deck and it used about 6 EXs. She did very well for as they worked together in harmony, and it is difficult to KO an EX.
But thank you for your concern. :D/XD
lol ok :)

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