Pokémon Rate My Team
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Zoroark (M) @King's Rock (for lack of a better one)
Trait: Illusion
EV's: 252 S.Atk/252 Speed/4 S.def
Bold nature
-Night Daze
-Hidden Power [Fly]

Gallade (M) @Choice Scarf
Trait: Steadfast
EV's: 252 Atk/252 Speed/4 S.def
Brave nature
-Leaf Blade
-Close Combat
-Night Slash
-Psycho Cut

Nidoqueen (F) @Quick Claw (also for lack of a better one)
Trait: Sheer Force
EV's: 252 HP/128 Def/128 S.Def
Quiet nature
-Sucker Punch
-Dragon Tail
-Toxic Spikes

Gigalith (F) @Sitrus Berry (Same as the above)
Trait: Sturdy
EV's: 252 HP/100 Def/156 S.Def
Careful nature
-Iron Defense
-Stealth Rock
-Stone Edge

Ferrothorn (F) @Rocky Helmet
Trait: Iron Barbs
EV's: 252 HP/100 Def/156 S.Def
Bashful nature
-Gyro Ball
-Leech Seed

Cofagrigus (F) @Leftovers
Trait: Mummy
EV's: 252 HP/156 S.Def/100 Def
Lonely nature
-Trick Room
-Night Shade

any improvements are welcome
i personally don't like frail sweepers,the bulkier the better
i know Gallade isn't the best one but i just love it,could replace,but i'd like not to
i could do egg moves,but the less the better
any suggestion of combinations would be extremely welcome
thanks o/


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