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As I said in the title, I built this team mainly around Regigigas so here goes:

Vulpix lvl 1 @ Focus Sash
-Power Swap

Liligant lvl 50 @ ?
Chlorophyl- Calm
252 HP/ 6 Def/ 56 S. Def/ 200 Spd
-Sleep Powder
-Helping Hand/Protect

Vulpix and Liligant will be my leading two pokemon. The idea in mind is to set up sun and go for sleep powder on one of the opposing pokemon with Liligant, while going for Hypnosis on the other with Vulpix. (There is no sleep clause) Everytime someone sees a level 1 pokemon the very first thing they think of is to take that pokemon out. So I'm certain Vulpix will be fake-out bait. That's why I added protect, Fake-out users are sooo common it's ridiculous. But anyways, if I do predict the fake out i can protect and on the next turn I can disable the other pokemon's attacking move and just sleep powder on my Liligant again. Power Swap cripples anything that has an attacking move. They'll get my 7 and 6 in both attacking categories (since I'm a lousy lvl 1) if I'm not mistaking. Once I successfully get the two pokemon to sleep I'll switch my Vulpix out to my Regigigas and use growth on my Liligant.

Regigigas lvl 50 @ Lum Berry
Slow Start- Adamant
252 HP/ 252 Atk
-Crush Grip
-Psych Up
-Drain Punch
-Rock Slide

Oh my lord. Regigigas is so good stat-wise. The Evs invested in HP makes it a perfect bulky sweeper. So when my Regigigas comes in from the Vulpix switch, or from Vulpix fainting Liligant should have put both pokemon to sleep if i was fortunate enought to hit both sleep powders. So next, Liligant uses Entrainment on Regigigas and gives him Chlorophyll. And this same turn Regigigas will use psych up to get plus 2 in attack. Thus the sweeping begins. With Liligant still alive I'll be spamming out helping hand making Regigigas even more of a threat.

Volcarona lvl 50 @ Leftovers
Flame Body- Bold
240 HP/ 216 Def/ 52 Spd
-Morning Sun
-Quiver Dance
-Bug Buzz
-Fiery Dance

Volcarona is just my back up sweeper and kinda used for filler. This is just a typical set on a Sun team.

So this is my team. I haven't tested it out or anything and I just thought of it this morning really. Some of the biggest problems I anticipate running into are other weather teams, taunt users, trick room, ect. Any help will be appreciated, and ideas for my two remaining pokemon would be great as well. But keep in mind only 4 of my 6 pokemon are allowed to be used in battle.

So there it is, tell me anything you like or dont like about my team. Thanks!

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Why have you got a Level 1 Vulpix instead of a Ninetales?
How about a zoom lens or wide lens on Liligant. Boosts the accuracy of your sleep powder so it'll be more likely to hit both times in succession. Your battle technique/plan from what I've read is incredibly more successful when sleep powder hits both times, so you can smoothly transition into using Regigigas. I do like this technique though. With Regigigas's great stats and boosted stats from helping hand, he should easily sweep most of the teams you face and especially if you're fighting a bunch of sleeping opponents with the addition of drought and chlorophyll further helping make Regigigas more unstoppable.
Why does Liligant know Growth?
Growth is an excellent move that raises both attack as special attack stat in sun. Though highly outclassed by Quiver Dance it is useful for if you don't want to spend time setting up a full Quiver Dance which takes much longer to perform.
Lilligant should almost always be running this.

Lilligant @ Leftovers / Life Orb / Lum Berry
Trait: Chlorophyll
EVs: 252 SpA / 252 Spd / 4 SpD
Timid Nature
- Sleep Powder
- Quiver Dance
- Giga Drain
- Hidden Power [Rock]
@SentByRavens thanks for your support and insight. I'll give it a run :) But when you mention Wide and Zoom Lens another strategy comes to mind thats a little less gimicky and quicker to set-up I could use a Durant with hustle instead and Entrainment his ability to my Regigigas. With a zoom or  wide lens his accuracy wont be to crippled with Hustle and he gains a big attack boost. I may want to switch the Evs up on him a little though just to make him a quicker sweeper, base 110 Speed is no joke.  And even though my moves wont be 100% accurate it's not like they'll be totally unreliable.

@Flare It doesn't matter which one I use. He's gonna be level 1 so he can be killed quickly to allow a switch to my Regigigas, and so he can be slow to set up sun if I'm going against anotuher weather team.

@JarJar I know, but I dont want Lilligant as my sweeper, He needs to be able to set up my Regigigas for the sweep.

@Jding Growth is so when Regigigas uses psych-up i can copy the stats from my Lilligant, making Regigigas plus 2 in attack if sun is up, or plus 1 if it isnt.

Edit: I just remembered, Durant gets hone claws. So the plan could be entrainment Hustle to Regigigas, then on the next turn use hone claws, Regigigas can psych up on the next turn and get another attack and accuracy boost. And it only takes 3 turns total. This idea sounds really good in my head, I'll have to test it out first though.
Oh. Duh. My bad. Should've caught that. And I like the Hustle/hone claws idea better too! It's more exciting.

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