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Tyranitar @ Leftovers

Sand stream

Careful nature

252 HP, 252 SPE, 4 HP

Taunt (Stop foes from setting up+)
Superpower (Coverage, attack/defense drop wont matter since this thing will not be in long)
Crunch (STAB)
Pursuit (Get priority on switching foes)

Cacturne @ Life orb

Sand veil

Cacturne is a very under-rated pokemon, but in OU, it can take down the biggest threats.

Jolly nature

252 ATK, 192 SPE, 64 HP

Sucker punch (STAB, priority)
Swords dance (Set up behind sub)
Substitute (Lets him set up)
Seed bomb (STAB)

Ferrothorn @ Leftovers

Iron barbs

252 HP, 168 SP.DEF, 88 DEF

Relaxed nature

Stealth rock (Set-up)
Thunder wave (Cripple big threats such as starmie/dragonite to half speed and chance to parahax)
Leech seed (Force some sweepers to switch such as cloyster, get hp)
Power whip (Main stab)

Landorus @ Choice scarf

Sand force

252 SPE, 252 ATK, 4 DEF

Jolly nature

Earthquake (STAB, sand rush boost)
Stone edge (Coverage, sand rush boosted)
U-turn (Scout)
Hammer arm (He won't be in that long so it doesn't matter)

Terrakion @ Life orb


Adamant nature

252 ATK, 252 SPE, 4 HP

Rock polish (Speed)
Swords dance (Attack)
Close combat (STAB, nothing wants to take a +2/4 close combat)
Stone edge (STAB, high crit chance)


Water absorb

(You can shake off the sand damage with leftovers)

Bold nature

248 HP, 252 DEF, 8 SPE

Wish (Heal yourself/team)
Protect (PP stall, scout)
Scald (STAB, burn chance)
Ice beam (Coverage, freeze chance)

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On tyranitar, 252 HP & 4 HP??

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You have a good team but here's some improvements.

I think on tyranitar you shoul get rid of crunch for earthquake.

On cacturn get rid of your speed and get rid of seed bomb for revenge. It's stab and good.

Ferrothorn is good as it is.

I think you should get rid of hammer arm for outrage. It make it easy to deal with dragons, which could sweep you with their move pools.

Terrikion is great and need no improvements.

Vaporeon is great too, but have in mind that getting a wish vaporeon with a good nature is hard. It took me 2 weeks for Umbreon with wish.

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In fact, Wish is very good on Vaporeon.
Your right, dig gives them a free switch.