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The bird wants to carry you across. Accept the bird’s offer?
Apr 13 by Stephwheel8
Hey, thanks for the upvote
Apr 12 by Chesta Adabi 481
He has history of making answer ba. So wait for now. If not, mods auto select BA's after a week when they're correct
Apr 11 by Hoenndragon
Apr 11 by Stephwheel8
Apr 6 by Giru-Rūku
Same here
Apr 5 by Stephwheel8
Is this a joke? Are you having a chuckle? Ha ha, very funny. I’m the one with the degree.
Apr 5 by Stephwheel8
Apr 5 by Stephwheel8
Tanks :D
Apr 3 by Hoenndragon
Really? I try not to rub people in the wrong direction. I'm not too weird, I promise <:)
Apr 2 by BeastMaster™