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Lol ty
Jun 6 by Hoenndragon
Jun 5 by BeastMaster™
Jun 5 by BeastMaster™
I saw what you added, and I think if anything, I'll stick with move relearner, becuase 1, it would require me to get a Piloswine/swinub, get a dunsparce from lvl 18 to 41(Kecleon's post game, and rare ish) and then train the resulting Swinub, without being able to have  a Piloswine for more than 5 seconds(as, with Ancient Power, it'll immediately evolve)
Thanks though.
May 8 by MimikyuShadow
Cool, I'll check that out.
May 8 by MimikyuShadow
I couldn’t use PrimordialSea because someone already has it so
May 4 by PrimordiaISea
Apr 26 by BeastMaster™
Apr 20 by Hoenndragon
Apr 14 by Stephwheel8