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I think you're a Judge!
2 days ago by ASS8666
How do you pronounce sumwun? Like someone, but spelled differently?
6 days ago by PorygonZangoose
why do you have a picture of a ds lite as your grav
Jul 31 by PX ™
whats your grav of i can't make it out
Jul 29 by PX ™
Jul 22 by Lickitung4ever
On the 17th paragraph with over 2 lines in the about me section it say the quote is from mystery dungeon explorers of sky but in the 6th it says mystery dungeon explorers of kekleon....
Jul 22 by Lickitung4ever
Yeah, sure.
Jul 19 by KRLW890
No. I mentioned it like once in chat and once in the server, along with an ad on the main site and an ad on RMT. I think the impressive turnout was due to the large amount of new users we've been getting
Jul 19 by Felix⠀
it makes me so happy that they made the "is the chat dead" guy editor
Jul 5 by Your Excellency
I can confirm that the thing about Canada on Bulbapedia is true
Jul 1 by GmaxStonjourner