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he he i like the gender post its funny
Dec 25, 2014 by kuroyoru
You were my first friend on my Friend4Friend list on my profile.
I hope you feel happy. :D
Mar 19, 2014 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
You obviously live in Madagascar :D
Nov 13, 2013 by JarJar
OMIGOSH! X & Y is here! *dies*
Oct 14, 2013 by FireRedNinja
*Returns High 5!* Just to let you know...I am URR :)
Sep 17, 2013 by Adam.
If you take my survey, make sure too put your username so I can tell you what you got Correct and Incorrect. This survey is sort of difficult if you haven't read the books, but feel free too try it anyway :D
Sep 17, 2013 by FireRedNinja
I know what you mean.
Sep 17, 2013 by JarJar
Chespin's evo is amazing
Sep 17, 2013 by JarJar
Am I the only one... that thinks Chespin's evo is ugly?
Sep 16, 2013 by FireRedNinja
loolll its been a long time since i read it anyway good enough ;3
Sep 12, 2013 by Sempi