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Gender:    I’m a Female gamer
wait what!? I didn't know. np we're still friends right?
Jan 18, 2021 by Hoenndragon
Cool you know some Spainish. That’s pretty useful.

By the way, people can’t post on walls if they don’t have enough points. How will this person reply?
Jan 17, 2021 by Stephwheel8
Well, thanks for reading my wall, I guess!

It’s nice to know that people are still enjoying the games that are undoubtedly BETTER THAN SWSH.
Jan 16, 2021 by Stephwheel8
Omg i live Aluve! And kmg again  i am actually writting a Alice in wonderlabd pokemon fysion fic!  My grav is actually a part of if a book ckver called Unburthday. I osn it buut hacen’t rwad ut yet.  I’ll show yku the fuc i’m doing well actually the map is kn my wall (the big long list if pkaces in Trigon a made up region) but i can send yku the summary
Jan 16, 2021 by Dyla N
Yaay someone likes the new namme! Woot woot
Jan 16, 2021 by Dyla N
Wow i last wall you the 7th that was awhile ago CD glad to hear you’re well!
Jan 16, 2021 by Dyla N
Heyo’ how are you?
Jan 7, 2021 by Dyla N
Mostly curious but why in particuluat do yoh want
 Me as a friend? And i’ve already added you to my friends list XD
Jan 4, 2021 by Dyla N
Of cluese ykh cam
Jan 4, 2021 by Dyla N
XD lol
Jan 4, 2021 by ~Obstagoon-Marnie~