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nice grav bro
Sep 21 by ~azureshiram~
Primordial Sea is probably Less OP because:

A) Nobody will choose Flamethrower against Lugia Deliberately

B) Lugia doens't have Multiscale/Thunder/Stat Boosting

C) Hurricane and Surf aren't too hard to tank, Even with Stab/weather and LO. Just use KRLW lol

D) Primordial Sea doesn't persist like Drizzle does when switching out, granted it does keep Hurricane hitting past 5 turns

I don't think it is going to be too OP. KRLW is kinda OP, which is why I'm hoping for some Dark Types and Knock Off users. :P
Jul 26 by Staka~
the 8th note runs up from the left hand to the right hand sound really nice on yours
Jan 5 by cranpper
nice playing, I've was working both of those for a while and I could never get the credits song to sound as together as yours did - I was able to do strains of a new beginning fairly well, though, because it's a lot slower
Jan 5 by cranpper
I made a youtube video I guess https://youtu.be/aoDEHB71l1I
Jan 3 by PsyKlone
Nov 11, 2020 by trz
Who drew the art in your gravatar? Cool drawing tbh
Oct 17, 2020 by Kiawe
Oct 17, 2020 by cranpper
Nice artwork!
Oct 13, 2020 by user74534
You...you are back! Wow!
Oct 13, 2020 by Kookoonut TM