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Wall for Shiny Hunter Luna (page 3)

Please everybody, call me Luna. c:
Mar 3, 2014 by Shiny Hunter Luna
Mar 2, 2014 by Salamaster13
What WOULD Goomy do? :}
Mar 1, 2014 by Mosmic Dragoon
u were so helpful with my team thanks!!!!
Feb 26, 2014 by B13
Thanks for the salamence poem!!! I hope you make more poetry!!!
Feb 23, 2014 by Salamaster13
Don't hesitate to talk to me if you need someone to talk to.  If you don't feel comfortable talking about it in the chat, i can work around that then.
Feb 15, 2014 by DarkTyphlosion
Hi luna sorry your having such a bad day. Just persevere and it will get better!!!
Feb 14, 2014 by Salamaster13
Hey, I have a tip for you: When you reply to someone, then so be it on their wall, otherwise they have no idea about your reply. PX taught me that (actuallly, Recoded).

Feb 2, 2014 by Muguet
@Dan Aw, thank you! I am a nice person--that is, unless you get on my bad side ;)
Feb 2, 2014 by Shiny Hunter Luna
You seem like a really nice person :)
Jan 31, 2014 by Sir Dan