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Wow. My last post is still here.
Happy Holidays!
Dec 23, 2018 by Lucky Ranno
Do you want a free shiny Skitty?
Jan 7, 2018 by Smoothie04
Happy Holidays!
Dec 24, 2017 by Lucky Ranno
You wanted me to show you a pic of that shiny Rayquaza I caught a little while ago.  I know it's a bit late, and I didn't think to take a picture in-battle as more conclusive proof that it's not hacked, but still:
Aug 24, 2017 by KRLW890
happy birthday!
Apr 1, 2017 by Flommo
Wowww lots of shiny Pokémon(:
Mar 14, 2017 by Ralphieb2t
I like the shiny Grav.
Mar 11, 2017 by Agent 3
When I think about you, I imagine a woman who sits on a couch 12 hours per day with her right thumb holding the B button and her left thumb spamming the D-pad as she watches herself run around in Altering Cave. Is this accurate?
Mar 8, 2017 by sumwun
Thanks Luna
May 10, 2016 by DemonFlygawne
Nice to know that I'm not the only Michigander on this site!
Apr 8, 2016 by Felix⠀