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Wall for cranpper

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if u annoy me ill call u crapper (it means tiolet) (lol)
May 13 by Fizz
I don't remember ever seeing you misspell my name since then, so I do reconsider the apology.
Apr 28 by sumwun
I don't remember either. What's your Discord username?
Apr 25 by sumwun
Why were you scared child
Apr 20 by Felix⠀
Any suggestions
Apr 20 by Felix⠀
Apr 14 by Hellfire Taco
Slr, yep
Apr 13 by An Asocial Moth
if anybody is wondering how cranpper talks in real life he says "aw geez" and "what the heck" about the same way most mothers do
Apr 13 by Hellfire Taco
How about now
Apr 10 by Felix⠀