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Jul 28, 2016 by pikachu4567
Welcome to the site
Jul 25, 2016 by ~Mega Charizard X~
Apr 7, 2016 by pikachu4567
Apr 6, 2016 by Your mum
Apr 5, 2016 by pikachu4567
Apr 5, 2016 by pikachu4567
Guide for Being my friend

Hi. I'm pikachu, or call me pika. I'm going to teach you how to get used to me and be my friend.

                                                        ~ Friending~
First off, I have to give you a quiz to detemrain if you are like me, or have similarties. Next, I have to check if you are telling the truth. I don't like to be friends with people who lie! A good way is to be honest. And, of course, be nice to me. If you can do that, I can reward you with a friendship. Good luck!

                                     Becoming used to me

To become used to me, you probably will have to look deep inside me. I may seem annoying, but i am actually shy. You must understand that to become used to me.

    And that is the guide! Plz post on my wall! Thank you!
Mar 27, 2016 by pikachu4567
Mar 27, 2016 by pikachu4567