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Wall for trachy

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haha loser
6 days ago by PX ™
GRN: 6
RNA: 1
WAR: 4
M20: 2
ELD: 0
THB:  2
IKO:  4
M21: 8
Jul 25 by trachy
Wait I thought u were mod . Why are u editor now
Jul 22 by Gloomdweller
Walls, Chandra, Unicorns, Basri, Teferi, Liliana, Garruk, Seismic, Mill, Phyrexian
Jul 21 by trachy
Angels, Elves, Lands, Discarding, Dragons, Witchcraft, Enchanted, Lightning, Pirates, Dogs, Minotaurs, Spirits, Cats, Under the Sea, Rogues
Jul 21 by trachy
Vampires, Spellcasting, Dinosaurs, Above the Clouds, Reanimated, Plus One, Heavily Armored, Tree-Hugging, Minions, Devilish, Archaeology, Spooky, Well-Read, Doctor, Legion, Predatory, Feathered Friends, Goblins, Smashing, Wizards
Jul 21 by trachy
Jul 19 by Gloomdweller
Thanks, trachy. You too.
Jul 19 by Hellfire Taco
you are on my enemy list bc u never respond to my wall posts (and u will be meta and not respond to this one either)
Jul 7 by melcakes
You are on my enemy list because your Rayquaza moveset does not have Dragon Ascent. Also, your Emolga moveset should have Air Slash.
Jul 4 by Rayquaza2753