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when r u gonna answer me question jerk
2 days ago by melcakes
Typhlosion: Flamethrower, Thunderpunch, Iron Tail, Cut
Quagsire: Earthquake, Surf, Sludge Bomb, Rollout
Ampharos: Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Dynamicpunch, Flash
Nidoking: Earthquake, Strength, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch
Dragonite: Dragonbreath, Waterfall, Return, Fly
Jynx: Psychic, Ice Punch, Lovely Kiss, Nightmare
Jun 11 by trachy
Alternative team:
Miltank over Nidoking with: Return, Earthquake, Strength, Shadow Ball
Jun 11 by trachy
When you buy Radiant Historia a couple of months ago only for them to go and announce and upgraded remaster. :/
Jun 8 by trachy
play pubg

Jun 7 by Sempiternus
Halo: Spartan Assault, The Swapper, Castlestorm, Iron Brigade
Jun 6 by trachy
Walking Dead Chapter 162
May 22 by trachy
Berserk Chapter 348
Attack on Titan Chapter 85
Gunnm Mars Chronicles Chapter 20.2
New Petshop of Horrors Chapter 22.5
Hakushaku Cain Series 6
May 22 by trachy
lol i laughed my butt off at that last comment and then i noticed it was me hahahaha
May 19 by melcakes
how come you never update your top lists, have you just had the same bad taste for the past 3 years?
Apr 15 by melcakes