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Wall for trachy (page 1)

how come you never update your top lists, have you just had the same bad taste for the past 3 years?
Apr 15 by melcakes
STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 14 by trachy
What do you think of the new It movie?
Apr 4 by Sir_Mudkip
To be honest I also can't do the tournament because I'm busy too.
Mar 18 by Orange Gaimer
Sorry trachy. I was on for the first two days but I couldn't  find you in he server. Then the next few days I got busy so you win.
Mar 17 by Orange Gaimer
Cool. Thanks.
Mar 16 by Astronautical
Is your username pronounced tra-chee or tra-kee? I cannot figure it out.
Mar 14 by Astronautical
Faeria is a pretty awesome Free-to-play card game on Steam. It's pretty generous with giving you cards and content, so it works well for me since I don't pay for any card game besides Magic. Also can use the referral system to get additional stuff. Username is trachy, anybody interested can list me as their referral and get additional packs.
Mar 14 by trachy
My team is ready, when are you on on the server?
Mar 11 by Orange Gaimer
Hey trachy I will be facing you and I'm around these two days. It's 7:16 now in my area. I'm still building a team now. I will be on database server to face you when I'm done will your team. Good luck.
Mar 10 by Orange Gaimer