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I'm gonna say Frontier Brain because you have less Pokemon to face him with and you all have same level Pokemon. For the Champion You can beat him with 1 level 100 of your choice.
And you cant use most of the ubers in battle frontier
Champion is much easier, though it depends on the game

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Frontier Brain. Definite Frotier Brain.
That is because:

  • They sometimes have legendaries
  • You mostly can not use Items in battles
  • As DA said, both your and the frontier brain's Pokemon are on the same level

Champions, on the other hand, are much easier to beat cuz :

  • They have NO legendaries
  • If you have higher leveled Pokemon, you can just sweep through them.

Also, the Frontier Brains are available to battle only after completing the main game. That includes the champions too, except in Black & White

Any way, it's just one's opinion

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Thank u !