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When I put the exp.share on a Pokemon that's at a low level, it's gains much more experience
than when it's like it's 40s.
Why is this?

EDIT: It seems like you aren't understanding the question.
What I'm saying is, for example, A level 20 Haunter beat a level 60 Bibarel.
Haunter gained 4000 exp AT THAT LEVEL.
Now a couple days later ive trained haunter and he is now level 40.
I beat a level 60 Bibarel again, this time he only gains around 2000 exp.

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This has to do with the Lv. and growth rate of your Haunter.The higher the level the less Exp. your gunna get. That's just how it is you not gunna get as much exp. from that Lv.2 Patrat you first battled with your starter, who is a way higher Lv. than it when you beat the game.

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hmm, sounds about right and makes sense.
This system has made in BW,
so you can actually make 6 pokemon team of all high level when you reach th E-4.
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Experience differs by the level of the two Pokemon battling. If a level 1 beats a level 100, it will get much more experience than if a level 100 beat a level 1. So that's probably why.

no no guys, you're not understanding the question. let me edit.,