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What could it be?

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Where are you currently in?
At the beginning of the game.
The game has detected that you own a pirated copy, this could be a mistake due to possible cartridge damage as it uses the infrared beam to check it.

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This is a pirated/emulated copy of Pokemon black and white

To prevent piracy, Nintendo implemented an infrared communicator within these cartridges which isn't found in ordinary cartridges. The game will check the status of the infrared communicator at certain points in the game, if there was no response from the communicator
The game would assume that it's either pirated or is being run on an emulator as illegal copies don't have this infrared communicator. If the game believes that this is an illegal copy, the players Pokemon will stop gaining experience which limits the progression of the game.
This feature is there to discourage people from playing the game illegally.

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I saw a person playing emulated copy, but it worked normally. Are you sure it happens in all copies or only some of them?
Some emulators have found a way to solve this "problem"
Yeah some managed to disable the infrared