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Two scenarios: Chesnaught goes in first, I swap out to Delphox and defeat a Swalot, each Pokémon gets about 2800 points each
second scenario: Delphox goes out first and defeats the Swalot, and gets the SAME amount (2800). Is this a glitch, because if this is correct, this change makes very little sense.

Did you have EXP Share on?
In your second scenario, Chesnaught is not involved, right? And are the Swalots the same level?
Because they can?
EXP share was not on. No, chesnaught was not involved in the second scenario. Not just the same level, the same trainer (I reset and battled differently)

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I suppose this is a great new addition added to X and Y.

I also experience this as well, so it doesn't seem to be a glitch occurring to only you.
Game Freak have done a lot of things to experience mechanics this gen, so I assume this is just one of them.

Hope I helped. :)
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