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Reason is that that it can learn moves like scary face, crunch, poisan jab, etc and it becomes a boss when it learns focus punch,hi jump kick and other moves that make it insanely powerful so what do you think

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It can be considered a sweeper when you give it Dragon Dance. Tank when you give it Bulk Up.

I would say the best name for it would be "Bulky Attacker". Kind of a lame title, I know, but those even defenses rule out tank, while the low Speed rules out sweeper.

Definately not a mixed attacker. Will always be going physical.

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Scrafty has considerably higher attack than special.
BASE: 90>45 respectively. So its abilities lie in the physical.
As trachy said, It is also very bulky with 115 base stats in both defences.

Scrafty is never going to be special or mixed at all.
Actually, you might be better of doing what I did to my Scrafty. Make it a full tank!
252 HP / 128 Def / 128 Sp.D should be a good ev set for a tank.

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You almost answered the same thing as Trachy. Don't answer Qs that already have a good answer.
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I think it is a physical sweeper because if you have the ability moxie on it,it can say raise its attack so much that if it uses a weak physical attack it will do alot of damage.plus,it can learn alot of stat raising moves such as bulk up (etc.)