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I can't find a Poke Flute to wake up the sleeping Snorlax in front of Digglet's Cave. So I can't get to Pewter City to continue the game! It's so anoying. And if it's in the Radio Tower in Lavender Town I don't know how to get past the guard! x(


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It actually is in the Lavender Town Pokemon Tower, but it is on the first floor, so you don't need to get past the guard (you actually can't do that anyways). They'll give you a PokeFLute Card, which allows you to play the PokeFlute on your PokeGear.

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I never thought of that...
where on the first FLOOR!?!?
If I remember correctly the person at the counter gives you it. If not, someone else on the first floor will give you it.
nobody gives me one!
then you have it then. the pokeflute doesn't have its own button, but is located in the middle of the top two buttons (channels). if it doesn't appear, then i can't help you.