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just started Pokemon black it it would be helpful to know what flying type to get because it is useuly easier to fly to different citys


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Pick Archeops, although he has Defeatist, he can usually sweep really well because of his amazing stats.

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Well I would chose Archen

HP 55 220 - 314
ATTACK 112 206 - 355
DEFENSE 45 85 - 207
SP. ATK 74 137 - 271
SP. DEF 45 85 - 207
SPEED 70 130 - 262

===> Level 37

To get archen you need a fossil, the wing fossil for archen. You can get the fossil by entering a place in the desort resort The fossils are found in the Ancient Castle, where they will be offered by one of the Backpackers in the first floor of the ruins. One can be chosen, and the other will be kept by the Backpacker. The fossils can be revived at level 25 by being given to one of the reception lady to the right when you first enter in the Nacrene City Museum. The Wing Fossil is able to be regenerated into Archen.

That CANNOT be Archen's sprite . . . .
Plume Fossil